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The Client

This highly engaging mobile app helps teenagers make positive lifestyle changes. It includes games and interactives that keep users motivated to form healthy habits. Each game consists of questions based on nutrition, mindset, hydration, discipline, etc. Users can take part in these wellness-focused games and earn points before going to the next level. By gamifying fitness and habit building, the app takes a holistic approach to teenage wellbeing - something that’s crucial during these formative years.

The Challenge

The Challenge

Capital Numbers had to build this mobile app from scratch. We had to take care of the mobile screen prototyping, development, deployment, and maintenance.

The primary challenge in this project was to gamify health and fitness. Poorly done game mechanics can alienate a player right away and deter him from progressing. So, we had to take special care to build business rules that would encourage participation.

That is, we had to build the correct logic in each gaming level to drive user interest. We had to understand the right triggers, action points, and ‘aha’ moments to motivate users to complete missions and transition into the next level.

There were multiple gaming levels that we had to handle. Each level had its intricacies. However, we had to keep the entire player journey simple and gratifying across all levels. Each level had to have gaming mechanics such as points and rewards for users to return for more.

In short, we had to embed elements that stimulate people’s willingness to use the app.

The Solution

The Solution

Capital Numbers started by aligning dedicated developers who would be the best fit for this project.

Our skilled developers began by defining the business logic for all the gaming levels. After finalizing it, we worked on the mobile app prototypes to understand the visual workflow. Once we tested and confirmed the prototypes and how they would look on Android and iOS, we handed the final drafts over to the engineering team.

Our engineering team started the development work using the following tech stack:

We chose Node.js for the backend because it supports scalability, code execution, and cost-effectiveness. Plus, its massive developer community proves to be an advantage in app development.

As for the frontend, we used Flutter. We chose Flutter because it allows sharing the same UI and business logic for all platforms, reducing code development time. It also helps developers customize any UI element on the screen, no matter how complex it is.

Our experts chose MongoDB to store, access, and query datasets. MongoDB is also one of the best solutions for horizontal scaling, regardless of the size of the data.

Next, we embedded in-app purchases to get each player to pay every time they wanted to level up their game.

Finally, we deployed the mobile app frontend in Apple App Store and Google Play Store. We deployed the backend in AWS, one of the most reliable computing infrastructures with enormous auto-scaling capacity for all types of traffic influx.

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Capital Numbers architected the entire app flow from start to finish. All architectural decisions were on us. And, we tackled every bit to increase user retention and revisits.

We successfully launched an app that brings people together for trivia games and online interactions in a socially-distanced world.

Our critical contributions included the following:

Live Chat Rooms

Our well-developed chat rooms provide a space for food lovers to engage in conversations about restaurants, diets, cuisines, recipes, and a lot more.

Audio and Video Calls

Our seamless video and audio calling integrations help players connect live as they play.

Multiplayer Mode

Our scalable backend architecture helps accommodate simultaneous players without affecting system load.

Conditional Logic

Our engineers skillfully defined the underlying business logic to program a perfect quiz flow within the app.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

Our ‘if-then’ conditional statements for each MCQ are consistent and well-thought-out.

End-to-end Web App Development

We efficiently handled aspects A to Z from business logic, live chats, MCQs, third-party integrations to deployment.

Dedicated Developers

Moreover, Capital Numbers’ dedicated developers were thorough with the ins and outs of the project specifics from day 1, which helped us release the app on time.

Real-time Chat App

The resulting product is a real-time chat app with virtual rooms. People can use the app to connect virtually with others, win fun-filled challenges, and get hot deals on food orders.

We thank our team for turning a simple idea into an interactive web app that serves as a networking space for all food fans.

Our perfect backend and frontend development approach helped us nail the ultimate user journey in code that the app owner was looking for.

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