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The Client

This Fintech app simplifies payment processing for merchants across industries like eCommerce, Retail, Hospitality, etc. From big brands to little boutiques - all can use this solution to process contactless payments for customers. Merchants can use this app to accept payments via virtual terminals, send payment links to customers via email/SMS, create direct debits, check processed transactions, and a lot more. The app comes with handy features and functionalities that make online payment processing much simpler and faster.

The Challenge

The Challenge

Capital Numbers was required to enhance and maintain the app for its smooth operation.

Over the years, Capital Numbers has handled end-user issues, emergency fixes, and legacy modernization for many projects. We’ve revamped complex systems with usable, practical solutions. With this project, too, we aimed to deliver the best support services to keep the app fail-safe.

Our primary focus was to check potential crashes, diagnose error codes, and eliminate all issues for non-stop monetary transactions. We had to repair all gaps periodically so that merchants receive funds from end customers without trouble.

Besides, we also had to add a graph to offer deep insights into the weekly and monthly transactions made. This apart, we had to be ready for urgent upgrades and troubleshooting from time to time.

The Solution

The Solution

Capital Numbers began by discussing the flow of screens at first. This was essential to document the designs, understand the potential bottlenecks, and map the customer interaction points.

We brainstormed solutions to add custom features like Analytics Graphs to the app. After considering the key points, we started retooling the system with the following techs:

We used Swift to create the iOS version of the web app. Swift apps are fast to develop because of their manageable codebase. We also used Objective C because it is highly reliable and offers seamless connectivity with private APIs.

We picked Java to create the Android version because programming and debugging Java is a breeze.

The app was already built on Laravel and contained essential payment gateways like NMI, Sage Pay, and Cardstream. Our system engineers had to ensure no scalability issues curb the growth and performance of this pre-built structure.

We offered enterprise-grade maintenance and managed services to facilitate sustainable growth and business continuity. We modernized legacy assets without disrupting the existing architecture.

Capital Numbers significantly revamped the system to minimize regressions and optimized it for all mobile browsers and platforms.

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The final product is a scalable, mobile-optimized Fintech app that merchants can use for processing payments at retail stores, hotels, restaurants, etc. This is a one-stop solution for all merchants looking to keep their payment and transaction details handy.

Capital Numbers’ significantly contributed in the following areas:

Increased System Robustness

Our experienced developers suggested and implemented various fixes to increase the system’s robustness and resilience.

Expansion-focused Architecture

We expanded the architecture with scalable solutions to support any number of concurrent users (i.e., merchants and customers) - even as the business grows.

Improved Code Quality

We identified potential vulnerabilities and weak links to improve the system’s code and performance.

Iterative Development

Due to our iterative approach, we could run frequent checks and discover the root cause of every issue before it impacted the system.

Analytics Graph

We custom-built the Analytics Graph to provide merchants insights on the weekly/monthly transactions processed and determine the customer spending patterns.

Personalized Merchant Stores

Our developers also provided options for merchants to personalize their online stores with unique logos and banners for exclusivity.

Real-time Payment Links via Email

We stepped up the payment process by using SendGrid, which intimates hundreds of customers by sending them payment links on emails in real-time.

Text-based Payment Links via SMS

We further integrated the Amazon SMS API to help merchants collect payments by sending SMS with payment links to customers.

Multi-platform Capabilities

Our front-end experts optimized the UI to make the app look truly native across all screens, devices, and platforms - be it iOS, Android, or web.

Performance Engineering

We tapped into our performance engineering capabilities to ensure the system runs at top speed and never freezes despite high transaction volume.

Fintech App Modernization

Capital Numbers’ skillful system upgrades have significantly modernized the Fintech app and brought the infrastructure up to speed.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

At present, we tackle pain points of any severity to keep the app up-to-date. We scan threats to ensure the app is stable, efficient, and accessible to all.

Moreover, our highly reliable team is always ready for software rescues or recoveries that the project needs at any time.

Streamlined Payments

Our corrective actions have drastically streamlined payment flows for merchants and eliminated chances of faulty transactions.

Merchants can now use this Fintech app to collect recurring payments from customers at scale without worrying about chargebacks, breaches, or hiccups in the process.

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