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The Challenge

The Challenge

Provide a platform where users can acquaint themselves with the ancient practice of numerology and receive free readings, as well as offer an upgraded service that allows users to chat with real numerologists and see the more complex analyses of their numerological charts.

The platform needed to be high-quality and accessible. So anyone from the wide demographic of recreational basketball players can confidently and comfortably chart their progress...and challenge themselves and their friends on the court!

The Solution

The Solution

Numerology Secrets is an iPhone and android compatible application that makes the art of numerology accessible to users for day-to-day use.

To provide the highest quality interpretation of a person's numbers, we used algorithms from the classic text, The Secrets of Numbers, by acclaimed numerologists Vera Scott Johnson and Thomas Wommack.

We formatted these readings to be educational, comprehensive, and fun, providing many opportunities for people to enjoy learning what hidden secrets numerology reveals.


We developed a basic free version of 2 Numerology with the option to upgrade to the full version by paying a one-time fee, with the ability to restore the purchases on other devices.


  • The app carries some complex algorithms that can generate numerous complex readings. One such example is the soulprint section. This particular section lets the user know their birthdate numbers and name numbers along with a forecast.
  • To generate the data, users only have to provide their date of birth along with their name.

Multi Profile Management

User can manage multiple profiles using this app. This is especially useful if the user also wants to generate numerological data for their friends and family members. (This feature is only available through in-app purchase).

Comprehensive walkthrough

Numerology might be little overwhelming for new users. We had this in mind while we were working on the app. The application navigation is user friendly, and we added very simple guides the user can read to get a complete understanding of what various numbers, categories, charts or colours might mean.

Relationship chart

  • The relationship chart shows users the compatibility of their soul urge, personality, destiny, and more, in comparison to their partners, friends or family members.
  • The algorithm will generate a soul urge number, and users can compare it to the numbers of their friends and family. The closer the numbers are to each other the more compatible the relationship would be.

Soulprint Details

The application also features a soulprint details section where the user gets to view all the details associated with user’s profile in one single place such as motivations, impressions, expressions, and more.


  • Basic Version
    • In the basic version we offer a guide on how to receive a free Soulprint chart, with detailed explanations of the general meanings of the numbers, categories, charts, and colors.
    • When a user is ready to start they press Start Here, and create a profile. They can categorize the profile as their own, family, or friend, etc. Then they select a profile to see the Soulprint.
    • The Soulprint is a comprehensive numerological chart showing multiple categories--all a user has to do is press the number in the category box and they are shown the full, personalized reading. The Soulprint includes numerological forecasts for the year, month, and day, so users can freely access daily readings.
  • Full Version
    • In the full version we offer access to a number of services the user can select, including Love Compatibility, Personal Day Calendar, Daily Forecast, and others.
    • These services correlate to the profile the user has selected, so they can see the daily forecasts of friends and family, as well as check relationship compatibility between colleagues and romantic partners.
    • Additionally a user can chat with amateur and professional numerologists using the Numerology Chat option so they can continue their numerology experience in a one-on-one personal context.
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