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Loan Comparison Platform Development

The Client

This is a gift registry and crowdfunding platform for people coping with cancer. It comes with an in-built shop where users can purchase and send gifts to support patients emotionally and financially. The platform also lets patients share stories of survival to inspire those affected by the disease.

The Challenge

The Challenge

Capital Numbers’ primary goal was to build an online store displaying gifts for cancer patients.

However, when we received this project, we had to fix multiple challenges related to a poor codebase. The existing architecture was buggy which we had to modify with improved code.

We also had to decouple the UI into independent components for smoother integrations and better reuse.

Moreover, the portal wasn’t mobile-responsive, so we needed to make it mobile-friendly.

In short, this project required significant upgrades, for which we needed developers with sound knowledge of a variety of technologies.

The Solution

The Solution

Various areas needed fine-tuning. So, Capital Numbers began by removing the existing architectural flaws.

Our developers, well-versed in the latest tech, chose the following stack to rebuild the system.

Node.js was our preferred choice for the backend because of its scalability and code reusability.

For a dynamic frontend, we used React.js. With Redux-Saga, we asynchronously updated new components for faster releases.

We leveraged SendGrid to send email confirmations to users who log in. In addition, we incorporated Contentful API to display user-generated content on the website.

To get deep insights on website visitors, we embedded Google Analytics. To better understand user behavior and learn about their taps and clicks, we integrated Hotjar.

DynamoDB was our preferred database management solution because it protects data integrity. GraphQL was important to fetch data using a single API call. We used ElasticSearch to visualize and analyze complex queries fast. This apart, we chose Neo4J to ensure unmatched throughput even as data grows.

To simplify in-store payments, we used Braintree.

After integrating the above, our team hosted the portal in AWS because of its exceptional computing power.

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Capital Numbers leveraged the above to retool the platform successfully. We fixed poorly structured legacy code and updated the system with modern solutions. Our team introduced new features and enhancements in terms of APIs and UX.

The final output is a scalable, responsive portal where patients (or caregivers) can register to send gifts or donate funds to those struggling with cancer.

Our main contributions included the following:

Dedicated Development

We could ensure a smooth delivery because of our talented, dedicated team that worked full-time in this project - from phase 0 to release.

Component-based Architecture

As planned, we decomposed the entire architecture into smaller components to improve maintainability.

Caregiver and Patient Logins

We kept the caregiver and patient logins simple by adding a short registration form with just the primary input fields.

High-res Product Display

Our developers showcased high-quality pictures of all the eCommerce products, including post-surgery garments, head wraps, essential oils, anti-nausea tea sets, radiation shields, etc.

Online Crowdfunding

We also added online crowdfunding options so that caregivers can send financial support like hospital co-pays or payments for prescriptions for patients.

Product Customization

In addition, we included custom features to personalize gifts so that they are valued and treasured even more.

Optimized Search

Our product filtering options narrow down the search and lead customers to precisely what they’re looking for.

Digital Coupons

We added fields for digital coupons to motivate buyers to purchase more at discounted rates.

Simplified Checkouts and Shipping

To improve order fulfillment, we simplified checkouts and shipment.

Mobile Responsiveness

Material UI helped us add a mobile-friendly interface that looks great on all devices.

Data-driven Reports

We embedded Google Analytics to get data-based reports on all visitor activities as they move around the site.

User-generated Content (UGC)

With Contentful, our engineers could update all user-generated content that includes stories of hope and survival, peer-to-peer advice, health tips, and other resources.

Legacy Modernization

By implementing each of the above, Capital Numbers could perfectly modernize the legacy system. With multi-stage code review, we could eliminate all bugs and bring the system up to speed.

The platform’s component-driven design is now easier to reuse, maintain, and migrate. Thanks to our engineers who brilliantly tackled all deliverables - from code refactoring, architecture, test to launch.

A Revamped Gift Registry and Crowdfunding Portal

Currently, this revamped platform provides curated collections of gifts that cancer patients need to heal better. Well-wishers can use this portal to send unique gifts to patients while spreading positivity and cheer within the community.

By launching this website, Capital Numbers made gift giving more straightforward and simplified philanthropy for many.

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