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Technology Stack

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The Client

This US-based client focuses on delighting customers with a seamless food ordering experience on-the-go. It connects restaurants with delivery staff to facilitate no-contact food delivery services at customers’ doorsteps.

The Challenge

The Challenge

The client contacted Capital Numbers because it wanted to revamp its online food ordering platform. The platform’s existing codebase was prone to error, difficult to read, and hard to use as building blocks for enhancements. It required massive refactoring. To overcome this problem, the client counted on us.

We’ve been a partner of choice for global enterprises for over a decade. So, when this client approached us, we reinvested our learning and resources to deliver a cost-effective solution that would improve the code quality and boost website performance.

However, our challenge was to rewrite the entire code with structured logic without changing its underlying functionality. Secondly, we also had to automate the software build and run tests to speed up deployment.

The Solution

The Solution

TWe started by running code audits to identify all potential risks in the system. Next, we eliminated all architectural flaws and crafted a cleaner codebase to improve software quality.

To ensure a powerful UX and boost customer journey, we implemented the following technologies:

To begin with, we used Vue,js for frontend development. We chose Vue because of its detailed documentation, integration capabilities, and reusable components. Apart from being a lightweight framework, Vue is size-efficient and comes with built-in solutions that prevent engineers from reinventing the wheel, thereby speeding up development.

Next, we used Jenkins to automate every development stage, reduce time-to-market, and cut down on costs. Jenkins automates tasks like building, deploying, testing, and releasing. It simplifies continuous integration (CI) and reduces the number of iterations without affecting the product quality.

To make the app cross-platform compatible, we used PhoneGap. With PhoneGap, we could access native APIs better and leverage a single code for multiple platforms. This improved efficiency and helped us save time.

We used Google Maps API to help users find restaurant locations on-the-go. Google Maps was an instant choice because it helps users with pictures, street views, and directions. Plus, its data accuracy outperforms all other Map APIs.

Next, we used Google Analytics to help the client extract huge datasets in a snap. Providing real-time custom reports, Google Analytics is perfect for on-the-fly data analysis. We leveraged its API to deliver critical insights so that the client knows what’s working and what’s not.

For enhancing the look and feel of the website, we used jQuery. It helps add great-looking effects and animations on pages. Besides, its clean and beautiful syntax allows pages to load fast.

Finally, to integrate a secure and robust payment functionality, we used Stripe. This leading payment solution is easy to set up with zero maintenance costs. It helps move money quickly, offers a seamless checkout experience, and bills customers without storing card details.

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By implementing the above, we successfully modernized the food delivery platform to improve the client’s business efficiency. We re-architectured it with improved code quality to turn it into a new, more effective food delivery app.

Rewriting the system components was a challenge. But, our in-depth development expertise helped us achieve it well within the timeline.

We contributed in areas like:

Intuitive Dashboard

Easy Curation

We added a smart search in the food delivery app for easy curation. This would enable users to filter restaurants by locations and discover top-rated dishes from diverse cuisines (e.g., Thai, American, Continental, etc.).

Restaurant Profile

We included this section to help users find different restaurant profiles and check essential data (e.g., restaurant menus, food photos, directions, reviews, working hours, etc.) at a glance.

Food Cart

Once users select their dishes from their favorite restaurant, they can add and check the food cart's details (e.g., food names, descriptions, pictures, quantities, prices, etc.) to edit items, if required.

Customized Recipes

Our experts added this section to help users customize their dishes with add-ons (such as extra cheese or mushrooms) for a personalized food ordering experience.

Discounts and Coupons

We wanted to ensure customer retention, therefore, we included an input field where customers could add their promo codes and earn cashback or discounts on their final bills.

Order Placing

After cross-verifying the selected food items and the total bill amount, users can place their order at their desired location.

Order History

We incorporated ‘Order History’ to enable customers to track the orders they’ve placed earlier and make repeat purchases if required.

Easy Checkouts

For easy transactions, we integrated the Stripe payment gateway that can help users securely sail through the checkout process without worrying about the misuse of card details.

Real-time Order Tracking

We added live order tracking to help users get a detailed view of their food deliveries as they happen, with live traffic conditions and accurate stopovers.

Reviews and Ratings

Online customer ratings are important. So, we incorporated online reviews to help users view the best-rated dishes and evaluate restaurants’ credibility before making their dining choices.

Push Notifications

We provided push alerts to notify users about real-time updates related to orders, deliveries, coupon codes, loyalty programs, etc., and engage customers better.

A Centralized Admin Panel

Our team created a centralized admin panel to help the client have complete control over order management, customer management, and restaurant management.

Next-gen Food Delivery Solution

With the above features and a beautiful UI, Capital Numbers developed a highly customized app that takes doorstep food delivery a notch higher.

Restaurants can surpass the hurdles of distance and reach out to their customers with this stunning app. Customers can leverage it for a top-notch food ordering experience. Delivery staff can use it to deliver food packages to the right locations without delay.

We exceeded our client expectations with our next-gen food delivery solution that makes dish discovery super-convenient for all the food lovers out there.

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