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The Client

This eLearning portal provides instant access to a curated collection of skills-based courses, assignments, quizzes, unit tests, virtual classes, and video-based lectures. Students can register to take up a course of their choice and get certified upon successful completion. Global instructors can register to support learners through video-based training and get paid monthly or quarterly. This curriculum-based portal, packed with robust features, helps learners become job-ready for a bright career.

The Challenge

The Challenge

Capital Numbers had to map an end-to-end learning path to build this platform from scratch. It had to integrate powerful capabilities for:

  • User Permissions
  • A Detailed Course List
  • A Multilayer Course Builder
  • Teacher Payouts

Each of the above required us to implement complex business logic. It was essential to design a workflow that supports all of the above.

In addition, we had to plug one-to-one and one-to-many webinar modules for student-teacher collaborations. The idea was to deliver uninterrupted video lessons at scale.

In short, we had to build an education marketplace that contains instructor-led courses for students to stay ahead of the pack.

The Solution

The Solution

Capital Numbers had already built custom EdTech solutions to cover the academic needs of various organizations. So, when we took up this project, we capitalized on our knowledge to build features that can perfect this portal in terms of usability and performance.

We held meetings to strategize the workflow and zeroed on the following techs for this portal:

We used Node.js for the backend because Node is perfect for creating streaming apps. Moreover, it helps reuse backend elements in the frontend too, saving time. Also, Node is easy to scale, providing ample scopes for enhancements down the road.

For the frontend, we chose React.js because it comes with modular structures that could be revamped and redeployed to build a rich user interface.

Our engineers used Twilio’s Video API for immersive video streaming. We chose this video solution to bring students and teachers together for 1:1 tutoring, group meetings, and exam proctoring.

Our experts picked MongoDB because this schemaless database is fault-tolerant, scalable, and provides deep querying abilities. Plus, it delivers high throughputs, no matter how extensive the database is.

As for the online payment gateway, we integrated the highly secure PayPal.

Finally, our dev team used Mocha and Chai to run unit tests in the backend and ensure every line of code is error-free. Parallelly, we used Jest to test the frontend. Our QA team also conducted thorough manual testing to perfect the software quality and make it release-ready.

After the final testing, we deployed the portal in AWS EC2 because of its scalable computing capacity. Plus, Amazon’s S3 bucket smoothly stores big datasets with zero latency.

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Capital Numbers handled all the areas from start to finish - from project plans, wireframes, UI designs, tests, SSL set up, and deployment in the requested server. We meticulously architected both the frontend and backend to deliver a distraction-free, virtual learning environment.

The final output is a well-optimized eLearning portal that connects hundreds of concurrent learners with global instructors.

Our critical contributions included:

Rich Capabilities for Every User

As planned, our engineers provided rich capabilities for every user role, for example:

  • The Super-admin can manage students, teachers, courses, exams, subscriptions, and other app settings.
  • Teachers can set homework, grade assignments, conduct webinars, upload video lessons, track views, and receive payouts based on engagement per video.
  • Students can access new courses, appear for exams, view scores, track peer performances, etc.

Unlimited Access to In-demand Courses

Our well-integrated education portal provides unlimited access to new, in-demand courses and expert training from talented instructors.

An Exhaustive List of Courses

Our exhaustive list of certification-ready courses caters to every student from radically different majors - such as Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Digital Marketing, Commerce, and more.

Multi-layer Course Builder

Our easy-to-use Course Builder helps build courses faster, add lessons, even tweak them for the next group of students who go through it.

Certificates of Completion

We split each curriculum into separate units that the learners can methodically work through and complete to receive a certificate at the end.

Powerful Webinar Modules

Our powerful webinar modules allow 1-on-1 and one-to-many video conferences between students and teachers.

Direct Message to Course Instructors

We added in-app messaging for students to directly contact their teachers and book 1-on-1s at a time suitable for both parties.

Personalized Consultations

Our 1:1 meeting module helps students clarify their doubts more confidently, which may not have been possible in group chats.

Stable Video Streams

By integrating Twilio, we could ensure high-quality, stable video conferences from a growing user base.

Remote Proctoring

Our remote proctoring solutions ensure exam integrity and keep all suspicious activities away.

Simplified Payouts

Our coders brilliantly simplified the teacher payout calculations with a custom algorithm that required out-of-the-box thinking.

Full-cycle Testing

Capital Numbers’ QA professionals conducted full-cycle testing to ensure no performance hits, despite the load.

Waterfall Methodology

Our phase-wise development using the Waterfall methodology helped us sequentially measure progress within each stage before going on to the next.

API and Custom Integrations

Moreover, we used our multi-year knowledge of APIs and custom components to launch this global learning solution that has something for every learner.

Robust EdTech Solution

Capital Numbers could deftly overcome all odds and release this EdTech portal within a few business weeks despite multiple challenges at the business logic level.

All-inclusive Learning Portal

We’re thankful to our solution architects for efficiently rolling out an all-inclusive eLearning platform that serves as a vast repository of trending courses designed for today’s learners.

College pass-outs and corporate executives can use this portal to master new skills from top instructors and earn a degree that sets them apart.

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