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The Client

This online greetings card website lets users customize and send eCards to their loved ones. The online store has an extensive gallery that contains eye-catching card designs for life’s most memorable events like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, new arrivals, thanksgiving, and more. Users can pick and purchase their favorite templates, personalize them with text messages, and send them via email or SMS to their guests in minutes. Users can even print these cards to hand-deliver or post them to their friends and family.

The Challenge

The Challenge

Capital Numbers had to build this online store from scratch.

Firstly, we needed to develop a solid architecture that could quickly help the admin tweak things from the backend. Our chief focus was to allow the admin to upload high-quality graphical cards without them appearing blurry. We also had to keep the backend scalable so that the admin could add more high-resolution cards in the future.

Simultaneously, we needed to develop an intuitive frontend with a customizable interface for users to drop new texts and make cards more intimate and personal.

In short, we had to take care of all deliverables - frontend, backend, code, test cases, and more. We needed to feed all product listings to this store, categorize them clearly, and integrate the eCommerce capabilities that increase repeat purchases.

We were mainly looking at developing an eStore from where users can shop personalized eCards for every occasion that pops up.

The Solution

The Solution

As a next step, Capital Numbers put together a team of technology specialists who can turn this website into a visually appealing storefront. After all, a good product doesn’t result from merely checking off the project requirements. What also matters is verifying the ‘in-between’ details and aspects.

So, we finalized the main frameworks and third-party packs that would take care of every minute detail. The stack that we picked included the following:

We picked Node.js as our preferred backend environment because Node’s in-built mechanism allows it to scale. Moreover, Node is perfect for systems that require handling multiple I/O operations. Plus, it smoothly supports tasks like adding items to a cart, changing item features, and choosing payment options - making it an ideal backend solution for eCommerce systems.

We used Angular Material to provide a compelling and rich frontend. Backed by modern UI components, Angular Material is an excellent choice for eCommerce portals that demand pleasing aesthetics and visual appeal.

We chose ImageMagick to resize each card template. With this tool, we could optimize high-resolution images without them appearing pixelated.

We embedded SendGrid to get all email invitations delivered to guests on time. We also used the Twilio API to send invites via SMS and MMS.

Our preferred database solution was MySQL because it provides good uptime, data security, and on-demand scalability. As for the billing system, we used Braintree, one of the safest payment solutions, guaranteeing data privacy.

After implementing the above, we used Puppeteer to automate the testing environment and hosted the website on AWS. We chose AWS because it is ideal for handling traffic peaks, especially in eCommerce systems involving daily concurrent user requests.

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Developed and launched by Capital Numbers, the resulting product is a visually appealing eCommerce shop selling customizable greeting cards for every mood, sentiment, and occasion.

Customers can log in to the store using their email IDs and passwords, browse through a host of designs, purchase their favorite template, and personalize it with fond wishes before printing it or sending it online.

Capital Numbers majorly contributed in areas such as the following:

Organized Product Catalog

We grouped a whole bunch of cards under clear-cut categories like birthdays, weddings, etc., so that users know which stash of cards to lay their hands on as soon as they enter the store.

Image Optimization

We could automatically compress and resize all images to thumbnails with the help of ImageMagick, which allowed us to maintain a top-notch visual quality across the store.

Personalized Invitation

Each of our card templates is customizable, where users can type in their heartiest wishes to make invitations unique and one-of-a-kind.

Keyboard Integration

Our engineers integrated a fully-activated virtual keyboard with all the necessary keys like caps lock, spaces, line breaks, etc., for users to enjoy on-screen typing without a localized keyboard.

Musical Cards with Custom Envelopes

We added MP4 capabilities to help users add music to their cards and send them to guests in custom envelopes, turning an ordinary card into a musical greeting.

One-click Imports

We included a one-click importing capability to help users mass import their contacts from their emails with just a click.

CSV and VCF Uploads

Our well-configured backend also supports huge contacts in CSV or VCF formats, especially for bulk invitations involving over 100 guests.

Braintree-based Payment Solution

Our Braintree-based payment solution provides customers a smooth checkout experience and paves the way for a recurring billing solution for the admin.

Timely Invites via Email, SMS, and MMS

With the Twilio API, we could get all invites delivered to guests via emails, SMS, and MMS at a scheduled time without interruption.

Backend and Frontend Robustness

Capital Numbers’ carefully-chosen APIs, connectors, and libraries have further improved the backend and frontend robustness as desired.

Future Scalability

Our skilled developers left ample scope for the admin to accommodate future changes in terms of product lists, content edits, order management, etc.

Graphically Rich Cards

From thank you cards to wishing good luck, this store's collection of graphically rich templates is fantastic - inviting eyeballs and pushing people down the purchase funnel.

Online Invitations Made Easy

Users needn't waste time folding and gluing paper-based cards anymore. Capital Numbers’ well-developed solution helps send bulk invitations online in a flash.

Moreover, by leaving room for personalized notes, Capital Numbers provided avenues to send uniquely-crafted online invitations - which can be keepsakes for years to come.

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