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Technology Stack

  • Node.js iconPython
  • Node.js iconReact.js
  • Node.js iconInnovis API
  • Node.js iconSinch API
  • Node.js iconFinicity API
  • Node.js iconDwolla API
  • React.js iconAWS
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The Client

This is a FinTech web app that speeds up digital lending and improves the borrower's journey. It helps customers easily apply for loans with just a few bank documents and KYC uploads, massively reducing paperwork. Those looking to meet urgent financial needs for shopping, etc., can use this web app to get instant loans without long wait times or red tapes.

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Capital Numbers had to build this FinTech platform from the ground up.

Our primary goal was to fast-track the credit approval process. To accomplish this, we had to delve deep into robust SDKs and APIs.

However, during our R&D, we zeroed in on some of the best APIs that were region-specific. These APIs were hard to access from remote locations. So, we had to build a VPN tunnel to configure all of them remotely.

Moreover, we had to embed an effective payment technology for loan disbursals and repayments. Here, we had to ensure top-notch security to move money safely and protect data from prying eyes.

In short, we had to develop a highly secure loan app that:

  • Improves credit assessment
  • Uncomplicates loan processing
  • Encrypts data
  • Prevents hacks
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  • UI/UX iconUI/UX
  • Front-end iconFront-end Dev
  • Back-end iconBack-end Dev
  • SEO iconSEO

Capital Numbers put together its best engineers to get started with this project.

Firstly, it was essential to employ bank-level encryption to protect user data like SSNs, bank details, logins, etc. So, we decided on adequate safeguards as the first line of defense against cyber attackers.

Next, we designed a workflow that assures fast approvals with affordable EMIs.

After considering the above, our experts suggested the following techs for this loan web app:

Python was our preferred choice for the backend because of its reduced error rate. Also, Python provides cross-platform portability and has a simple syntax that boosts development.

Loan Comparison Platform Development

We chose React.js for the frontend because of its reusable components that create unique, modular app interfaces.

It was essential to validate all KYC documents that the users upload. So, we used the Innovis API that authenticates identification and prevents thefts.

We leveraged the Sinch API to deliver OTP codes on mobile devices via SMS. Sinch is well-known for providing unique codes on time, every time.

For email address verification, we used SendGrid that authenticates all user accounts and eliminates invalid ones.

Finicity was an obvious choice for safeguarding users’ bank details. Storing and processing large-scale financial data is as easy as a cakewalk with this battle-tested API.

We used Dwolla for seamless money transfers. It is by far the most robust ACH API that simplifies pay-ins and payouts.

As for the database, we chose PostgreSQL because it’s ACID compliant, guaranteeing data protection despite power failures or issues. That is, it prevents unpleasant situations of paying out the same money twice due to inconsistent networks.

Our tech team smoothly integrated each of the above and deployed the app in AWS that offers massive server speed and scale.

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Capital Numbers’ carefully chosen tech stack was perfect for rolling out this software on time. We took care of everything from the backend APIs, VPN gateways, database layer, bulletproof security to server set-up.

Our critical contributions were in the following areas:

Full Loan Lifecycle

Through our solution, borrowers can engage in every aspect of their loan application journey:

  • Registering online
  • Uploading docs
  • Monitoring loan status
  • Tracking loan histories - all from their mobile devices

Web App and Chrome Extension Development

Our well-integrated web app helps users view and repay loans effortlessly. We also created the Chrome Extension that the users can easily install to keep all loan approval and funding data handy.

Multi-level Verification

Our multi-level profile verification requires the applicants to register with their names, contacts, emails, etc., for effective cross-checks in the backend.

Easy Capture of Borrower Information

Our successful integration of Finicity and Innovis APIs helps the system capture the borrower’s bank details and KYC and define credit limits correctly.

Quick Credit Assessments

Moreover, the app scans every bank detail to check the borrower’s financial standing and immediately detect applicants with past defaults.

Accurate Data Scraping

Our well-scripted Chrome Extension scrapes off the product prices from shopping portals to determine the borrower’s eligibility to get a loan for the desired product.

Fair and Transparent Loan Approvals

Accurate data scraping also rules out human judgment, ensuring bias-free loan approvals/rejections.

Rapid Loan Issuance

We flawlessly integrated Dwolla API to enable the rapid funding that today’s borrowers look for.

Flexible Repayments

Our flexible repayments hugely benefit those looking to pay back their loans in parts without burning a hole in their pockets.

Powerful SSL Encryption

As planned, we provided bank-level encryption to protect all data from illegal access.

Full-scale Testing

Finally, we ran performance tests across multiple environments to get a 360° view of the product’s quality.

Enhanced, Paperless Loan Processing

Capital Numbers perfectly resolved all challenges related to security across the system. We met all regulatory standards to give financial scammers no chance.

We’re happy with the way our developers have simplified credit assessment by bringing all financial data to the fingertips.

Borrowers can now use this app for a faster application-to-closure process, taking all manual risks out of the equation.

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