Winning the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India 2017…What’s Next?

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Technology drives change, but not without innovation. Thanks to large-scale, rapid technological growth, we live in a world that would be unimaginable only a few decades ago. But more important than simple advancement is the human innovation behind it — the desire to explore, transgress boundaries, and break barriers.

Nowhere is this innovation and growth more evident than in India. In the last decade, our home country has transformed itself into a sophisticated, powerful participant in the global technology markets. It’s for this reason that we’re honored to take our place alongside some of the country’s best and brightest companies in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India program.

Technology and Creativity

This thirteenth edition of Deloitte Fast 50 seeks to recognize and encourage businesses and entrepreneurs who are displaying high revenue growth rates using technology or technological skill. We at Capital Numbers take pride in employing and working with some of the most creative minds and highly-skilled specialists in the nation. Although the technological achievements in the past five years have been wonderful, only the skills and creativity of our employees and partners allow us to leverage that technology effectively.

Thanks to technology, small companies, businesses, and agencies can compete with giants in their industry — and they compete on a global scale. Often they have limited funding, limited resources, and limited time.

Where Price and Quality Meet

How do we help them meet and overcome these challenges?

Simple. We offer services at a more cost-efficient price than large consultancies, with more consistent results than freelancers.

By engaging small, dedicated, smart teams, we help our clients focus on their business objectives while we take care of the technical components. For our clients, working with us is like having less costly in-house team.

Smarter, faster, more efficient, more scalable, and most of all, more powerful — this is how we constantly leave behind “good” and seek out “better.” Our teams do excellent work, but we’re always searching for new offerings, skillsets, or technologies to offer our clients.

What’s Next?

To win a spot in Deloitte Fast50 is extremely encouraging because it’s a testament to those we’ve helped. The services and skillsets not only help us rapidly achieve growth; but they also help hard-working agencies and entrepreneurs to realize their own visions, whether on a small or global scale.

It’s for that reason that we’re honored to be a part of this program this year. We look forward to competing in the Asia 500 and strong, stable growth for many years to come.


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