When all roads led to San Diego – Traffic & Conversion Summit 2016

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Right around Sept-Oct last year we had started deliberating on whether we should attend the Traffic and Conversion Summit (T&C 2016), we were reading up on it and stumbled upon this flowchart published by the Digital Marketer


We took the test and got a “Pretty Darn Good”, thus our decision was made. Just kidding, the fact that we knew the Digital Marketer already and were giving attending T&C 2016 some serious thought were reasons enough for us to attend. After all, we spend a lot of our days working to convert our “traffic” into “conversion”.


The Traffic and Conversion Summit is one of the largest, as far as digital marketing is concerned, and boasts of an excellent line of speakers every year. 2016 was our first, and you may say that our experience with T&C is off to a flying start.

People ‘liked’ us

Mukul our Managing Director and our Country Head (US), Jason were our representatives at the Summit. The stall that we had set up was received very well. The thing about these summits, everyone knows what they are talking about. So finding people who understand your work and want to build on it is not that difficult.

New Places. Old People.

Digital Marketers never switch off. They are online (read working) 24*7. So it becomes a little difficult for them to keep in touch with people. But that’s what T&C Summit is there for , right? We got to talk at length to a lot of our clients, and met some old friends too. Here’s WordPress guru Chris Lema chilling with Mukul at the summit.


Straight from Horses Mouth

T&C claimed and delivered, we remember reading “YOU’RE ABOUT TO GET IT STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSE’S MOUTH” and boy did we!

The Keynote Speech by Gary Vaynerchuk, Founder of VaynerMedia was everything. He visualized a whole year of digital space for us, heck he visualized the next 5 years as well, such was the relevance in all he had to say

Over all you could say that our trip down to San Diego was a success. The city in February was at its usual best, and having so many likeminded people around made it only better.

Here are some pictures from our visit to T&C 2016

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Were you at the T&C 2016 too? If yes please share your experiences with us in the comments

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