The Role of Big Data in Mobile App Development

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In today’s digitally interconnected world, smartphones have become integral to our daily lives. But have you ever wondered about the dawn of the modern smartphone legacy? It all started in the millennia when Nokia’s Symbian OS and Microsoft’s Windows Mobile gained popularity. Since then, the smartphone industry has grown at exponential rates.

With time, these smartphones are abode to countless apps downloaded from the relevant app store. These apps absorb a lot of data from their users. A unique data management tool is required to access and control such massive data. And this is where Big Data comes into the picture. Here we will discuss Big Data and its impact on mobile app development.

What is Big Data?

Big data is a popular term nowadays. And Big data’s advent channelizes the root of every system. According to a report from Bloomberg, the Big Data Analysis market will increase by 15.3 by 2028. Data is information, leading to knowledge and decision-making. It is the technology of today that has advanced the processing and impact of Big data.

The term “Big data” is not about the data size but also about data complexity and diversity and the speed at which it is generated. It requires specialized tools and technologies to store, process, and analyze it. The size of Big Data is so significant that Cisco claims the era of Zettabyte is finally here.

A few popular companies that leverage Big Data are:

Netflix – Used Big Data for predicting customer recommendations.

Walmart – Used data mining to provide product recommendations to customers.

US Xpress – Used Big Data to enhance productivity and optimal fleet management.

British Airways – Used Big Data for personalized offers.

Big Data Umbrella

To get a clear picture of Big Data, you need to know that it comes under an umbrella that works on three different V’s. Besides, these three V’s help determine Big Data’s impact on app development. Here it goes –

1. Velocity

Data generation is done at a fast pace holding a lot of importance when it comes to analyzing and using it. Also, speed depends upon the data volume processed or generated for the business. It includes data flow on websites, social media, mobile phones, etc.

2. Volume

How much data do you need to process? It is a significant factor that is counted in Big Data as the data volume decides the speed of analysis. The data is fetched every second from clickstreams, mobile apps message, Twitter data feeds, search history, order history, etc. Also, the data volume helps decide the value to ensure the data flow is managed.

3. Variety

The Big Data impact on mobile app development includes different varieties as data comes in various forms. Be it voice, text, video, and so on, everything around us is data. The data is collected in a semi-structured, unstructured form and later converted into a structure. This structured data is set up in the order after processing to extract vital information.

Apart from the mentioned ones, there is another one that is Veracity. All data is optional when it comes to analyzing it in Big Data. Finding the data quality that is meaningful for the companies is essential.

How Does Big Data Work?

Generally, Big Data works on simple processes, data collection – integration – management – analysis. As a result, we get the information to start the process. Data is collected via mobile apps, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

1. Integrate

After data collection, it is processed to ensure that the business analysts can understand this. It helps them know what will be best before developing a mobile app as per customer insight using Big Data trends.

2. Manage

Data is managed or, in simple words, stored in such a way that makes it easy to analyze. Businesses store the data on-premises, cloud, etc., to keep them secure and use them as needed.

3. Analyze

The stored data is taken into consideration and is processed by data analytics. The analysis helps them make actionable decisions as needed. The data is analyzed to bring up several possibilities and opportunities to take the business to the next level.

How is Big Data impacting mobile app development?

Big data is having a substantial impact on mobile app development. With the increasing volume of data mobile users generate, developers can gather valuable insights to enhance app functionality and user experience.

Big data analytics allows app developers to understand user behavior, preferences, and trends, enabling them to make data-driven decisions for feature development and optimization. Additionally, big data helps personalized marketing, allowing developers to target specific user segments based on their data patterns.

Go through the infographic to get the complete picture –


Final Thoughts

As we embark on the future of mobile app development, Big Data stands tall as a powerful ally. It helps developers navigate the complexities of user preferences, unveil hidden opportunities, and deliver experiences that leave a lasting impact. With every swipe, tap, and click, Big Data guides the way, revolutionizing the app landscape and shaping a brighter, more personalized future for all mobile users.

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