SEO: The Marketing Tool That Will Boost Your Business in 2015

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One the eminent filmmaker Woody Allen was quoted as saying that “80% of success is showing up”. It stands absolutely true, at least in 2015. The success ladder of your brand is measured by how much you are seen.

You must be easily found on Google search page when your customers search for products and services offered by you. The more you are seen, the more people will talk about you in social media and give you positive reviews. This is lead to a boost in sales. Why? Because visibility of a brand is directly proportional to cash.

Although a long speech of statistics is not required to prove the fact that big profit can be reaped through SEO, yet here are some to make it sound more convincing:

  • 85% customers search for information about products or services before buying it
  • 80% customers buy products or services after reading product description or blogs
  • 73% customers’ buying decision is highly influenced by online reviews
  • 72% search clicks are organic
  • 70% customers make up their mind to make a purchase while they search the web with keywords and come across something new
  • 55% more traffic are generated through regular blogs

2014 has already proved that customers do a thorough research before buying a product or service. It is needless to say that the trend will be followed with much vigor in 2015 with more and more people turning to Google, social media platforms, blogs and other web channels to gather information that will ultimately influence their buying decision.

The opportunity shall not be missed our by brands, whether big or small. If a brand fails to show up when customers are looking for them, it will be gradually wiped out of the competition.

So do you know where your brand stands in this fiercely competitive market? Bring out your smart phone device and do a simple Google search – not with your brand name, but with more generic keywords that describes your offerings. If you are not shown on search result, you simply do not exist for your potential customers.

In todays world, when more than 95% people search through internet for products and services before buying, absence from the search engine can turn out to be worse than failure.

You might be investing a fortune in advertisement. But, what’s the use of it, if the results are not reflected in sales? It is important to know that as less than 0.08% people only click on advertisements. The rest rely on hard core information through blogs and reviews.

Don’t get penalized by Google

You would find plenty of people around you advising you not to use inbound marketing channels like social media, blogging, SEO and so on. Many feel that this model fail to drive leads as they have tried and fail to reap desired results. The fact is that inbound marketing has not failed, its just that they have failed to make inbound marketing work for them.

There could be several freelancers or SEO companies who would make fake promises to you like taking your website on the top of Google search for a few hundred dollars. You should beware of such companies. In reality, they would churn money out of you in lieu of their low quality content and put you in big trouble.

By using a smart company, who uses wise SEO tactics, will reap you more in terms of sales and branding.

What’s not acceptable while doing an SEO?

  • Massive amount of spam
  • Poor quality content
  • Breaking directories
  • Stuffing content with keywords
  • Spamming comments on blogs
  • Buying and trading links to game Google’s algorithm
  • Pushing mediocre content to top in keywords ranking

Recent time observed a lot of changes in Google’s algorithm. Panda and Penguin updates made most of the SEO tactics obsolete.

What tactics in SEO will fetch you more?

  • Website optimization: This helps search engine spiders to crawl through the content. This can be done through on-site technical SEO.
  • Creating quality content: This helps your customers to know about your products and services and make them share links on their social media profiles. This will also help you to generate quality back links.
  • Relationships through Social Media: This will help you to create a strong brand awareness and generate more traffic to your website.

Thus it can be concluded that SEO will remain as one of the most important marketing tools in 2015 to help you to boost your sales and create a great brand for your products and services.


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