Pagla Photoshoot – Ringing in 2016 with a bit of craze

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It was THE 31st! The very last day to shrug off all the blues and put on the war mask to fight more gracefully and harder in 2016, the very last day to cherish and appreciate the best we have lived in 2015. The way we spend 31st sets the mood for the year to come and we at Capital Numbers decided that there is no better way than indulging in things we love most – technology, art and spending time with our team!

We planned an activity and called it the Pagla Photoshoot. We decided to do this crazy photo shoot outdoors with the theme of Star Wars and Inside Out. We can safely say that all of us are movie fanatics and for such a diverse set of people the choice of movies was surprisingly unanimous. We like the rest of the word, were bitten by the Star Wars bug too and as people who appreciate good animation, for us Inside Out stood out in 2015. What made us enjoy the activity even more was that the movies besides having some of the best visual effects we have seen in a while, explored a range of emotions, emotions that make us human.

Here’s what some of our team members have to share about the day:

While finishing my daily chores before coming to office I thought we must not let this year bid us adieu just like that, instead we should have a blast while enjoying the last rays of the sun. The quick acceptance of my crazy fun photo-shoot idea proves that everybody loves to enjoy the 31st and I am everybody got their quota of madness and craziness filled that day. I super love the Star Wars series so it was hell of a fun to pose with Star Wars as a theme and get clicked by our favourite Photographer Soutrik Sengupta.

– Vijaya Das

It has been an awesome experience for me where I had to shoot outdoors (for the first time!) based on the concept designed primarily by Vijaya and finally executing by posting it on social media, thus welcoming New Year 2016 in a creative way. Cheers to the entire TEAM CN.

-Soutrik Sengupta

I was so happy after the photo shoot that I described it in detail to all my friends and felt so proud being part of this organization. We all, irrespective of the designation/experience/age, have that ability to work and find enough time for our recreation. And to have this, the authorities are with us, always.

– Prtitheema Dutta

It was New Year’s eve and I had enjoyed a lot with the team.I personally think, we need this type of refreshment activity in our daily work life. The ultimate outcome of this photo shoot was even more beautiful, the very very creative art works. Thank you Vijaya and the team for arranging this!

– Sourav Mondal

The photo-shoot was reminder for us not to be unhappy that the old year has gone…it has made place for the new where we can fulfil all our unfinished tasks. Cheers to 2016!!

– Malay Gupta

It was an awesome event. I’ve enjoyed it from the core of my heart. Can only say “Cheers” to our “Pagalpanti shoot”.

-Tirthankar Basu

We , the CNits had gone crazy at 31st Dec! It was a sudden decision, to shoot photographs and welcome 2016 in our own way. We all agreed that the theme should be of INSIDE OUT & STAR WARS & we posed like the characters of those films. I posed as YODA from star wars & My God it was awesome & so much fun!

– Poulomi Ghosh

I am used to perform in stage shows. But I had never acted in this type of model photography. The concept is very good, all the moods of 2015 in a single frame. I am thankful to my team for selecting me to be a part of this photoshoot.

-Utpal Ghosh

For me ‘The pagla Photoshoot’ experience was awesome. I really loved all the madness created by us and we had a wonderful last day celebration of 2k15. Happy New year to all of you!

– Saikat Samanta

During my two years in the CN family I had never been so excited to celebrate the 31st afternoon! Generally I would like to stay far away from camera for my super photogenic face and extra smart appearance, as you know 😉 But that day I decided to stand in front of the camera as that would have been my first published photo throughout the year!

Anyway, jokes apart, I am really fortunate to be a member of CN. I love to work here just because I can enjoy interesting events throughout the year. I believe we can have more fun this year and I will definitely try to propose more concepts for fun in our work. Love CN!

-Deepra Bhattacharya

For me the “Pagla Photoshoot” experience was “FANTABULOUS”. No wait a minute… It was “MIRINDA-BULOUS” :D.. The idea of ‘Getting out of same boring life and get some Madness’ is just “FATAFATI”… Because “Pagalpanti bhi….. Jarurri hay….”.

-Satyaki Chakroborty

What started out as a random call for a photo-shoot on the last day of the year turned out to be one of the best memories that we have made with our team members! We hope to create more of such moments this year, so that days like these inspire us to bring out the best in each other!



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