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Deadlines, yes, that dreaded 9-letter word and we are finally dedicating a piece on deadlines. We will discuss in the next 3 and a half minutes how deadlines can be met faster (and efficiently) when you start working with remote teams (read us).

Here we go!

#1: Longer commutes = stressed out employees = deadlines out of the window!

Imagine a phone under maximum stress; the user would immediately run out of battery sooner than expected. Not the ideal metaphor though, but replace your phone as your employee, and imagine heavy traffic as the extreme conditions. Result? A jaded employee, leading to a potential efficiency loss.

Also, note these down:

– A Swedish study says long commutes increase the chance of divorce by 40%.

– The study also holds long commutes for obesity, neck pain, loneliness, stress and insomnia.

– Finally, long commutes bring in high blood pressure, oversized waistline, and other health problems.


But then, deadlines don’t wait for people to be awesome and fresh; deadlines don’t wait for the traffic to stay all smooth till your best employees reach office.

So what’s the way out?

You can go remote!

Looking at the other side of the coin, a remote team brings in the much needed efficiency and swiftness that may otherwise have not been possible. Lengthy commutes, early morning jostles will give way to far more spirited people and fewer efficiency problems. A satisfied and contented team member is what one would require to happily meet the deadlines.


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Is it time to bid a goodbye to long hours on the road, disgruntled employee pool and traditional method of working? We would say aye to that!

#2: Deadline? This cat-video comes first!

This is a genuine concern that we face day in and out. More and better connectivity within an office often results in extra indulgence in non-official jobs, that finally affects the deadline related scenarios. Think about all those non-productive hours named water cooler gossip, impromptu meetings, loud colleagues, cat videos, baby dances, dog posts etc. and think how these all add up to hinder a person from working peacefully and undistracted. US-based SurePayRoll study showcases how productivity loses happen within an office setup, even if things stay unintentional. Time to switch to remote hiring mode! Why? Here you go.

Remote Hiring brings in added responsibility given that you have a distributed team with you. You have access to collaboration tools, timesheets, video conferences, Google Drive, and host of other monitoring services that would lead to a better deadline-driven process.

Meanwhile, let us address another significant concern too. Remote hiring means more slacking during the day and snail’s pace of getting things done, right? Wrong! mentions 11 such tools that will only help a brand grow by working closely with the distributed team, without the feel of suspicion creeping in at any point.

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Can we bury this concern and move ahead then towards meeting proper deadlines?  

#3: Limited resource = Deadline day pressure? Here’s a larger talent pool, people!

The top of your talent pool refusing to move from Dallas office to Madagascar office causing a deadline crunch? You must be (slightly) on the wrong-foot here then. While employees often seek convenience and comfort in terms of their office space, the same may not be the option for an organization when they try and get new employees for a new job, or a new office.

Also, with the pressure of deadline looming above our heads, it is tough to lose precious man-hours in search of effective and efficient team members who would immediately get the point and start working on the delivery.

When you hire people who are bounded by geographical proximity, you’re restricting the accessible talent pool to your immediate geographical boundaries. That said, there is a world of super talented people outside of your commuting radius. Own a start-up in Tulsa, Oklahoma? Well, by hiring remote workers, you’ll be able to hire software developers in Adelaide and Chennai. Also, if you want high quality talent but can’t afford a big hole in your pocket, you may find a great full-time engineer in Kolkata willing to work for a fraction of the cost.

Last, bringing in new people leads to on-boarding, training, orientation processes, and all of these leads to more cost. Also, training does not ensure in an efficient delivery, given the fact skill-sets play a big role in successful completion of projects. Remote teams have that necessary range of various skilled employees, who can join or move away as per the requirement of the project. Also, with remote hiring, the cost of training goes down by considerable notches, thus saving time and energy at both ends. Both the parties can straight cut to the chase without much ado.

Deadlines? Bring ‘em on!

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#4: Employee efficiency on the rise = deadlines met!

Isn’t that a nice little linear deduction? Correct. But do not start reacting as if linear deductions have not helped its proponents win any war.

Fewer distractions (for the disciplined remote worker) can lead to higher efficiency, a report from ConnectSolutions last year had concluded. The numbers: some 30 percent said that remote hiring allows them to accomplish more in less time, while 24 percent of those surveyed said they were able to accomplish more in about the same amount of time. Imagine how such a switch would affect the deadlines then.

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Smooth criminals!

If you are still in two minds regarding how to use remote hiring regarding meeting deadlines, now is the right time to know more on this. At Capital Numbers, we understand the pangs of missing deadlines. We work as a structured unit, carefully monitored by a HR, administration and operations team so that the best of the projects get the best of remote workers to meet deadlines faster and better.

Contact us to know more on how remote hiring can efficiently and easily allow your brand to meet deadlines and walk tightrope situations with much ease and élan.


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