Question to ask while remote hiring a content writer

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“Content Marketing is the only Marketing left”
– Seth Godin

What the great Seth Godin actually meant is that you should be creating content that the audience cares about and not just targeted advertisements.

To be frank, in today’s day and age almost everyone understands the gravity of the above statement, and anyone who is serious with marketing their brand understands the value of quality content and incorporates content marketing in their day to day marketing strategies.

Sometimes despite having a robust content strategy in place, businesses do not have the time or talent to consistent create good content in order to edge out their competitors. It is then when they hire remote writers, ones that quickly adjust to current staffing and business needs.

There are many advantages of hiring remote writers of course, you can potentially save some money by hiring remotely and they are best at what they do, do it faster and you can work with them as per requirement.

But then sometime business owners get frustrated with writers who are unresponsive, deliver bad quality content and disappear when they get busy with other projects. So it’s important that you get it right.

We’ve prepared a list of questions that might help you get the best talent to execute your content strategies. Have a look:

What is your research method?

90% of writing is about research. No matter how prolific writer, they can’t claim that they can start writing anything without doing proper research. It is very much possible that while working with you they have to write on topics that are challenging and outside their immediate knowledge. So start a conversation with them about how they gather information about their piece, what kind of sources they depend on for writing stuff. Someone who is not used to extensive research before writing will definitely flounder through these questions.

Which would you say is your best work? Talk about it.

Writers are barely satisfied with their own work. But then there are always one or two pieces of work that they hold close to their heart. Probe them about it, ask them to elaborate on the entire creative process of how they came up with it. Listening to the experience will give you a fair idea of how they feel about their work and also about things that trigger their creative juices. You will need them while you supervise on them remotely.

Are you aware of the basics of marketing?

Well written content is a must, that’s true. But then these days content needs to adhere to requirements of basic marketing fundamentals as well. Ask your writer about the steps they take to make the content robust for marketing. Ask them about concepts like product positioning, market segmentation variables etc. It’s important that your writer knows about marketing fundamentals for your brand to reach your target audience.

What would you say is your ideal writing environment?

The writer won’t be working under your nose, you can’t keep walking up to them to get an idea of the progress they have made or if they are facing any difficulties getting into the mood to write. So it’s important that you know if there’s an ideal environment that triggers the creative juices in them, or if there’s a particular time of the day when they particularly enjoy writing. All this information will help you bring the best out of them when you start working together.

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