Optimize Facebook SEO for Better Brand Visibility with these 10 Tips

The world of Social Media Marketing is taking new shape with the growing number of user base. There are more number of people searching for brands, products and services. And while they are searching the results that are likely to show up are your website, blog, Google+ and YouTube. By optimizing your Facebook page, you can bring it on search results too.

Increasingly Facebook Pages are becoming “second home page” for many businesses when it comes to online branding today 

Ten Tips to Optimize Facebook SEO for Search Engine

  1. Choose your Facebook Page name wisely. Keep it short and close resemblance to your brand name
  2. Keep the URL of the page short. It’s easy for users to remember
  3. The About box of your page is ideal for you to place your keywords in the most optimized manner
  4. The Info tab of the page ideal for text, high priority keywords, important links on the page
  5. Post regularly on your Facebook Page with a combination of texts, quotes, news updates, images, videos etc.
  6. Post direct links of your blog and website to your page
  7. Use photo albums to share images of your organization, outdoor activities, events you participate, awards you win, certificates you get etc. Write proper caption, description and tag important people
  8. Add a call to action button to your page. It is ideal to direct it to your website’s contact page
  9. Add a Facebook live feed to your website. This way you can direct your website visitors to your Facebook Page
  10. Make people comment on your page by posting questions, asking for a solution or starting a competition.

By following these simple tips you can fetch more organic likes to your Facebook Page. Be creative and use your Facebook Page to showcase your brand expertise.



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