New Advertising Platform for Android App Developers from Amazon

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Now you can “Advertise Your App with Amazon”

Amazon has launched a new advertising programme to offer Android App developers to promote their apps on Amazon tablets and Android devices.

Apps developers who are using Google Play or Amazon’s Appstore to distribute their apps would be highly benefited by this platform. It will be easy for developers now to promote apps across Amazon’s network of Fire tablet wakescreens as well as Amazon Mobile Ad Network. Each time an Amazon user clicks on the App developers will have to pay to Amazon.

“This advertising platform is exclusively available to Amazon mobile app developers. It’s simple, fast, and effective. Promote your app to millions of users on Fire tablet wakescreens and mobile placements on the Amazon Mobile Ad Network,” Amazon wrote on its website.

This new platform will allow developers to choose their target users based on the users interests. A developers can also send a request to Amazon for choosing target users for them.


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