Must Attend Sessions at ad:tech New York for every Tech Startup

With only a week left for ad:tech New York and you are all geared up to attend, here is a list of the must attend sessions for every tech startup:

Igniting Innovation in Your Brand | November 5 | 9:00 AM
Mostly all companies claim to be innovative, but what they lack in reality is to strategize internal operational process to make innovation real.
Key Takeaway:
Learn how giants like Unilever and Walmart partnered with agencies for innovative campaigns, leveraged tech-platforms and delighted customers.
Brian Monahan (Vice President of Marketing, | Babs Rangaiah (Vice President of Global Media Innovation & Ventures, Unilever)

Influencer Marketing – Who Needs Celebrities? | November 5 | 11:30 AM
It doesn’t always fetch you customers to have celebrities related to your eCommerce brand. To reach to your customers you need to understand their needs and not just grow in status.
Key Takeaway:
Learn about influence marketing and turn your customers towards purchase.
Ian Wolfman (Partner, The Wolfman Group) | Seth Combs (CMO & Co-Founder, SOL REPUBLIC) | Lin Dai (CMO, Keek) | Ramon De Leon (Sr. Social Strategist, Rise Interactive) | Kunal Muzumdar (Managing Director, POSSIBLE) | Jann Schwarz (Global Agency Partner Lead, LinkedIn)

The State of Mobile Creative – Micropublishing Platforms | November 5 | 2:15 PM
It is needless to mention in the age of mobile boom, it is a must for your business to go mobile. More and more companies are taking up the specialized service of digital storytelling and strengthening the micropublishing movement.
Key Takeaway:
How to become a micropublisher and how does adsense work on mobile web.
Candice Faktor (General Manager, Wattpad) | David Jacobs (CEO, 29th Street Publishing)

SEO – Can It Still Be Gamed? | November 5 | 2:15 PM
No eCommerce business can succeed without SEO. But, does it work the same way as it used to? So how would you use SEO strategically for your business growth?
Key Takeaway:
Learn about the changing world of SEO.
Shreya Kushari (SVP, Search Marketing & Performance Media, DigitasLBi North America) | Kevin Ryan (CEO, Motivity Marketing) | Hamid Saify (VP, Search Marketing & Auction Media, Deutsch)

Physical and Digital = The New Creative Palette | November 5 | 3:30 PM
The digital media is overpowering the real world at a rapid pace. This is leading to an increasing demand for web design and digital interactivity to make your customer’s digital experience a memorable one.
Key Takeaway:
How to use digital media technology and create the most unforgettable brand online.
Lance Broumand (CEO & Founder, UrbanDaddy) | Jim Meskauskas (Partner & Co-Founder, Media Darwin) | Tracy Quitasol (Director, Ignition Factory, OMD) | Kate Stone (Founder, Novalia) | Daren Trousdell (CEO, OneUp Sports) | Gina Waldhorn (COO & Co-Founder, Evl8tion)

What Not to Wear: Website Edition | November 5 | 3:30 PM
If you fail to give a rich user experience to your customers, they will most likely never return to your website again. Hence, make your site interactive and easy to navigate.
Key Takeaway:
To avoid the most commonly made errors on websites that turn your customers away.
Stephanie Balderrama | (President, Consumer Insights Group, LLC)

Brands and Master Storytellers | November 5 | 3:30 PM
What story does your brand say? In this world of fierce competition, a great story will help you sail far. A series of compelling stories further will keep your customers glued to your brand.
Key Takeaway:
How to tell the story of your brand that will sell.
Jared Anderson (Director of Jarden Media Ventures, Jarden) | Angie Byrnes (Partner, The Wolfman Group) | Douglas Discconson (Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Cinelan) | Mitchell Reichgut (CEO, Jun Group) | Terry Rieser (Partner, COO, Tag Creative)

Behavioral Breadcrumbs: New Tools to Read Digital Signals | November 6 | 10:30 AM
Through traditional digital tracking and measurement systems you can only track your customers as long they are logged in. Then how to track them once they disconnect? A host of new technologies helps you to track consumer behaviors beyond screens.
Key Takeaway:
An insight to optical tracking using consumer signals to test and measure consumer behavior and help you to create measurable campaigns.
Steve DeAngelis (VP of Client Development & Services, M&C Saatchi Mobile) | Jeremy Geiger (CEO, Retailigence) | Julie Greenhouse (SVP, Enterprise Sales, Yext) | Richard Guest (President, U.S., Tribal Worldwide)

Caption This: Storytelling Visually | November 6 | 12:00 PM
Can millions of dollars and actions be generated through a single image? Yes, it does. When Prince George, hits a newspaper headline, dozens of stores sell out the outfit he is seen wearing. Similarly when Ellen clicked a selfie with 11 Oscar awarded celebrities, the single image went viral.
Key Takeaway:
How to use a picture or a video to tell your brand’s story that will result into growth in sales.
Don Faul (Head of Operations, Pinterest) | Melissa Rosenthal (Senior Director of Creative Services, BuzzFeed) | Richard Turley (Senior Vice President of Visual Storytelling and Deputy Editorial Director, MTV)

Outsourcing Your Marketing Team | November 6 | 1:15 PM
It is a common practice to outsource web development, designing, SEO, data entry and SEO work to an external team. But have to thought if you outsource your marketing work to an external team, you would be left with more time to focus on your business growth?
Key Takeaway:
How to collaborate with a marketing team and what pros and cons may arise.
Lizzie Alberga (VP of Marketing, Evite) | Erik Huberman (Founder & CEO, Hawke Media)

Cheat Codes for Marketers | November 6 | 1:15 PM
Leveraging Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube will help you to boost your brand, earn loyal customers and grow your business.
Key Takeaway:
4 tips in 50 minutes to get more likes on your Facebook content, more retweets, be on top in YouTube searches and used Pinterest to keep your customers keep coming to your site.
Allen Gannett (Chief Maven & Founder, TrackMaven) | Chris Kerns (Director of Analytics & Research, Spredfast) | Maria Seguin (Digital Marketing/Social Media Specialist, Retail Apparel Industry) | April Wilson (President & CEO, Digital Analytics 101)

Go Home Digital Marketing, You’re Drunk | November 6 | 2:30 PM
A study shows that most companies keep on doing the same digital marketing mistakes for as much as over 10 years. Do you also fall in this bracket? Do you know the need of responsive design?
Key Takeaway:
What mistakes you might be making on email, website, Facebook, Twitter, and mobile and what can be the best solution for your business.
Steve Adamis (Digital Strategist, Adobe) | Nathan Anderson (eBusiness, Franklin Square Capital Partners) | Leanne Smith (Sr. Director, Insights & Analytics, Communications Media, Inc.) | Sam Stockdale (Founder & President, Dread Engine) | Marty Weintraub (Founder & Evangelist, aimClear) | April Wilson (President & CEO, Digital Analytics 101)

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