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5 Metrics that are a must for a Successful Web Project

It’s raining data. There is data everywhere. It’s pouring data on the streets and at coffee tables. There’s no questioning its necessity or ubiquitous nature anymore. But, for those of us who are regularly seeking data to make decisions know how overwhelming such enormous amount of data can be.

Specifically when it comes to tracking the performance of website/web applications, analytics boast of providing us with a diverse and comprehensive range of data. Considering all while making a decision might not be practically feasible, so here’s a list of data that you must consider which monitoring your web project:

  • Traffic – Because the party is where the cars are headed

You always know where the party is in town by looking at where all the cars are headed. Traffic for websites indicates the same. It is collection of the number of visits and visitors to your website, collected as sessions and users. Number of visits, specifically is one of the great overall pictures of your site performance. It also gives you a fair idea of how well your marketing strategies are working.

  • Bounce Rate: Because Palat!

If they love you, they will always look back. This is King Khan’s infallible formula to know whether he has been able to charm his lady love. The man’s a genius really, because the same applies for your websites as well. Thus Bounce Rate – The percentage of single-page site visits is an important metric to consider as a general signal of user engagement & content quality.

  • Time on Site – Because you’ve got to give it some time!

The best gift you can receive/give is time. Time on Site is a measure of the amount of time your users are spending with your site and is thus a clear signal of how engaged they are with your site. Google uses this metric as well while deciding on how good a site is, thus ToS extremely essential from a SEO point of view as well.

  • Click Through Rate – Because Aur dikhao!

Do users feel like knowing more of you whenever they stumble on your link on search engines or elsewhere? Click through Rate measures just that. It helps you understand how well your site is performing through search engine results and can direct you to improve your listings.

  • Conversions – Because karam karo aur fal ki chinta bhi karo!

There is always a business goal to a web presence. Is your website fulfilling that goal? Check your conversions to figure that out. Conversions are quantifiable measurement of expected or desired site outcomes. They directly reflect on the effectiveness of website and marketing efforts.

There are hundreds of factors that can indicate the performance of the website. This piece highlights some of the most important ones. Now mind you, no one metric in isolation is a clear indication of how well your webpage is performing. So you need to choose the metrics mentioned above and others depending on which aspect of site performance you are interested in. Is it its Search Engine Optimization, its Content, its Design, or something else?

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