How We Built a Chatbot to Help Users Stop Smoking

“Bella” is the First AI-Enabled “Stop Smoking” Coach

We just finished a groundbreaking project. By encapsulating a chatbot within an iOS app, we created an AI-based digital coach to help people stop smoking.

Named “Bella”, this chatbot helps users break their addiction to cigarettes by simulating human interaction.

It uses advanced, microsoft-powered AI to have a realistic conversations with users. “Bella” has a diverse knowledge database to provide personalized support. She also suggests products and services to match the needs of the users.

We’re excited, because this is a new domain which has not been explored much. Lots of businesses are starting to use this technology in creative and even ingenious ways. In fact, chatbots and their various uses are only getting more and more widespread by the day. This application could very well prove to be an influence for other apps in the future.

After some brainstorming, we chose Microsoft Bot Framework with Cosmos DB as the technology stack.

The back end also has robust admin portal to display graphs charting the user’s journey in the app. It’s a big encouragement for users to visualize how far they come and the progress they’ve made.

We had to perform some out of the box thinking to make it work, but once everything came together, our client was thrilled with the results!

Want to know more? Go here to read the case study.


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