How to Motivate Your Virtual Employees

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Working with an in-house team and keeping operations running smoothly is easy since you’re interacting with your people all the time. You offer encouragement and support when they need. At the same time, you provide feedback on the work they’re producing. In case they’re dealing with personal issues, like any good employer, you probably let them take time off and make up for lost hours in other ways. Like, for instance, working from home or working over the weekends. However, when you’re working with remote hires, the office dynamics change completely. Your interactions with your team are only over mechanical devices like the computer and telephone.

You need to keep in mind that all employees, whether in-house or remote, need to be dealt with in exactly the same way. If you can encourage and keep them motivated, they are likely to work well for you. Ultimately, an efficient working team is vital to the success of your business. Here’s how you can continue to motivate your remote hires even if they are based in different locations around the world.

Infuse the Human Factor

Take care to remember that your remote hires are more than just a voice on the phone or a name on the email and message list. They need appreciation for the work they do for you and the kudos that you give them is worth more than the generous salaries. Recognize and acknowledge the efforts they put in outside of their job scope and offer bonuses for work done exceptionally well. Make sure you let the other team members also know that you reward hard work.

Stay in Touch

Keep in regular touch with your freelance workers. Ask for updates on the work they’re doing and keep issuing fresh instructions as and when they’re needed. In this way, you’ll turn yourself into a real boss who’s interested in them as people and not just a faceless entity. You must also conduct team meetings from time to time. This strategy will help you coordinate the efforts of your team and iron out any snags and miscommunications. You’ll find that your company operations run smoothly like a well-oiled piece of machinery. Your remote workers will work better since they’re not dealing with chaos all the time.

Be Reasonable with Workloads

When you assign tasks and assignments, be mindful of the fact that your remote hires might be working in different time zones that yours. It may not be possible for them to deliver as per your business hours. Also, be aware that freelancers often work with more than one company and might be juggling multiple projects at a time. For this reason, it is advisable that you are clear at the time of hiring about the workload you’ll be assigning and the deadlines within which you need it completed. In case, the remote hires face personal issues like family or health problems, allow them the leeway and be flexible with deadlines. Having an understanding employer encourages workers to perform well.

Encourage Team Interaction

Your business is likely to progress efficiently only so long as your team works in careful coordination with each other. No matter how well you forward communications, the possibility of missed messages is very real. To counter this problem, encourage your team to interact with each other. The best way to make this happen is to have a single common platform where everyone can upload messages, queries, and updates. In this way, each employee is aware of what the other is doing. They will build bonds with one another and the feeling of being a part of a team is a great motivational factor.

To keep your team of remote hires motivated and achieving high levels of productivity, you only need to keep a few points in mind. Remember to interact with them like you would with your in-house workers. Communicate well and show your appreciation to motivate them. You will find that retaining talent and running your business becomes a lot more easier.


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