Hiring Angular JS Developers: What You Need to Know!

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AngularJS is a front end web development framework that helps tackle the challenges that we face while developing single-page web applications. It is easy to learn and simple framework that has become quite popular in recent times because of the multitude of features it offers. Through AngularJS one can create dynamic one-page applications efficiently.

Therefore, if you are looking for hiring an AngularJS developer as an addition to your web development team, you must yourself be familiar with it. This will help you in recognizing and understanding the right skills that your team needs while recruiting. Here, we will be discussing a few things about AngularJS that one must know before hiring a developer!

What is AngularJS?

AngularJs is a JavaScript framework that allows the developer to use HTML as a template language to create single-page web applications. It extends the attributes of HTML with directives and binds the data with expressions to help it work better with other different libraries.

AngularJS was first developed to support SaaS applications by Miško Hevery, a Google Agile Coach, in 2009. However, in 2012, it was released as an open-source library. Currently, Google maintains AngularJS, after having acquired it due to its rapid evolution. It has become quite popular due to its focus on performance and testability.

AngularJS is very simple to understand and learn. However, the developer must have prior knowledge and experience with the basic front end web development languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

AngularJS: Main Features

There are a number of JavaScript frameworks that are used widely by developers. However, AngularJS is one of the most popular frameworks which is preferred by many developers. The framework is based on the MVC methodology also known as the Model View Controller architecture. Therefore, it has a very easy to understand structure and code.

A few notable features of AngularJS that made it so popular are:

  • Dependency Injection- Dependency is a service or an object in an application. An injection refers to the transfer of dependency on the client who will use it.
  • Therefore, dependency injection is the process in which an object provides the dependency of a different object.

  • Two Way Data Binding- As we discussed earlier, AngularJS is built on the MVC architecture. We get synchronization between the model and the view parts from this AngularJS MVC model. This is what we call a two-way data binding.

    It makes coding a lot easier and time-saving for the developer. This is because it reduces the traversing, listening, and manipulation of the code base to DOM (Document Object Model), hence allowing the developer to focus on the web application.
  • Templates- AngularJS provides many ready to use templates that help developers with little programming knowledge to also create dynamic web pages.
  • Testing- One of the most attractive features of AngularJS is the testing feature that it provides. It allows the developer to easily test applications and debug them.

Advantages of Working with AngularJS

There are many other features that have made AngularJS so popular. However, let’s now look at some advantages of using AngularJS to build web applications:

  • Easy Learning- Since AngularJS can simply be written by including attributes into HTML tags, it is considered easy to understand and incorporate while creating web pages.
  • Time Efficiency- The AngularJS framework follows the MVC methodology which makes it easier to code in and takes less time to do so. Also, the existing templates already provide certain functionalities, hence making it time-efficient.
  • User Interface- The user interface in AngularJS is completely structured, which makes it very easy to manipulate and understand. Beginners can learn how to do so very quickly.
  • Cost-Effective- It is open source, which enables developers to use it to create web or mobile applications at considerably lower costs
  • Easy Data Binding- Developers can see the generating results simultaneously while writing the code. This helps in easily understanding how the resulting web page will look at and correct any errors in the code.

Skills to Look Out For While Hiring AngularJS Developers

Now that we have discussed the basics of the AngularJS framework, you must have gotten a certain idea of what it is all about. Therefore, now we will look at the skills that you must search in the potential AngularJS developers that you wish to hire.

Some of the very basic and essential skill every AngularJS developer must have are:

  • Good level of knowledge and experience in working with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • The developer must also know the CSS precompilers such as LESS and Sass.
  • Having knowledge of the JavaScript-based build tools like Gulp, Grunt and Bower are also essential. Another must-have skill is knowledge of JavaScript Frameworks.
  • Since Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) is such an integral part of every website, the developer must be familiar with it.
  • Experience in more than one libraries or frameworks like JQuery and Bootstrap is also needed in a developer.

    Apart from these basic technical skills, there are a few soft skills or interpersonal skills that every AngularJS developer must possess:

  • Communication Skills- As a developer, the need to be in constant contact and maintain communication between yourself and the client is very essential. This is because miscommunication can lead to many problems that should be strictly avoided.

Also, for an AngularJS front end developer maintaining good communication with the back end development team is also very important. Therefore, you must hire a developer that can keep any project running in a smooth manner by effectively communicating with all the entities associated with it.

  • Problem Solving and Analytical Skills- Programming is all about understanding the problem, finding out the logic behind its solution and then creating effective codes based on that logic. Therefore, every developer, be it a front end or back end developer, must have good problem solving and analytical skills.
  • Organizing Skills- It is very important to write clean codes as they are easy to understand. If a developer writes code in a distorted manner, it becomes not only difficult to understand but also difficult to debug in case of any persistent errors. Therefore the coding style of the hired AngularJS developer must be organized and clean.

Few more aspects that help you hire the perfect developer are:

  • Asking the right questions is very important. If you have the perfect set of things to ask, then your work becomes 10 times easier, and you can understand the candidate’s caliber after just a few questions.
  • When testing the candidate’s technical skills, look out for the mistakes that inexperienced developers usually make. It can help you in understanding the level of the developer’s skills. Remember, the process and the method used is as important as the end result/output received.

Overall, finding the right AngularJS developer as an addition to your web development team is very important. However challenging it might seem above mentioned above-mentioned things in mind, you can easily pick out the best and the most suited AngularJS developer.


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