Four Tips for Brands to be more Authentic on Social Media

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The Internet is the most popular medium for people to share their views. It is filled with opinions and information about everything and anything. If someone is looking for a platform to make a sale from, the Internet is there best option given that this is where most of the consumers are to be found. Therefore, to engage with the customers it is very important for them to share powerful and authentic content in the midst of the whirlpool of words that is available online.
The main aim of content branding is to attract more audience towards your brand to facilitate your sales in the long run. It is very simple to bring your content into the newsfeed of your target audience, especially if you use methods like a paid campaign, targeting, boosting your post by working with the influencers, etc. But the fact of the matter remains that these methods will only take you as far as your audiences’ screen, the impact that it will make totally depends on the authentication of the content you put up.

What is Authentic Content?
We call a content authentic when people share things that happened with them in reality. Such content is a part of your customers’ real lives, assist the feeds with impactful captions, and believable stories.
When we talk about brands and the way customers perceive them, we realize that the customers don’t always expect the content posted by the brands to be real as they are aware that the focus of the brand is to attract the audience towards the product. Therefore, the brands have to maintain a balance between authentication and social media tendency to anesthetize the post. They can’t post Instagram stories or publish it on Facebook; they have to look for the perfect platform for the right kind of content.
Here are 4 tips for Brands to be more Authentic on Social Media platforms:

1.Be Transparent:
Social media is full of hoaxes like fake news, photoshopped images, stories that just seem too good to be true, etc. It is just a way to attract customers to their content. But what they forget is that the audience can very easily spot a brand being fake. So, it is suggested to stay away from the dishonest content because that is what will set you apart from your competitors. For example – if you are looking forward to the selling of a product, then you must share the story about its making. It will leave an impact on the audience.

2. Patience is the Virtue:
It is necessary to give the audience the time to make up their minds. Though the focus of marketing is to sell the brand, you should carry it in an easy way instead of aggressively selling it. It would help if you maintain a balance between the content that is meant to sell quickly and content that is meant to connect with your audience for a long time.
Creating a positive brand experience can help people to become a part of it. And eventually, they will happily buy your brand and even recommend it to others.

3.Accept your mistakes:
Always accept your mess. Blunders are impossible to avoid. If you do not take care of them in time it is possible that a mistake can damage a brand’s reputation at a very fast pace. Whenever someone does any mistake on social media, their first action is always to delete it. But it is actually impossible to remove anything from the Internet.
A lot of people read or see the content just when it is posted. Always apologize for your mistakes. Owning up to the mistake and sincerely apologizing for it can help repair some of the damage that’s already done.
Try your best to fix the situation. If you feel that you can’t control the situation, you can try to turn it into a joke, or just genuinely apologize, depending on how deep your mess is. But never behave as if the problem has never happened.

4.Clicks are important the ant but relevant content is crucial:
Social media is full of Content Pollution. When brands try a to steer through storm of online content, sometimes they try too hard and end up putting up post that is extremely catchy but absolutely irrelevant to their product. Every content works on the clickbait. But if you think that your written content is here only to collect views, likes, or clicks, you’re not doing your work properly. Always keep in mind that the content should be worthy and related to the brand.
Basically, don’t just post stuff on social media for the sake of it. Be true to your brand and what it stands for, instead of fabricating stories that have nothing to do with the reality of your brand.


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