Capital Numbers Wins The Manifest Award for India’s Most Reviewed B2B Leader for 2024

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For over 12 incredible years, our team at Capital Numbers has been serving as the all-around award-winning software development company for businesses hungry for innovation. We are known for our global clientele — working with industry leaders like Reuturs, Condé Nast, and Tipalti. For us, nothing is more crucial than helping them achieve their goals.

With that being said, we’re excited to announce a fantastic award that we’ve recently unlocked through the support of our clients. During the 2024 The Manifest Company Awards, Capital Numbers was officially recognized as India’s most reviewed B2B leader for the following services:

  • AR/VR
  • Cloud Consulting
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Machine Learning
  • Chatbots
  • Software Developers
  • Design
  • Digital Design
  • Systems Integration
  • Mobile App Development
  • Artificial Intelligence

To give this award more context, The Manifest is a company listing resource designed to help browsers connect with reliable service providers. The site is known for its awards cycle that spotlights outstanding companies that built exceptional relationships with their clients. In every category, 15 awardees are chosen based on the number of testimonials they’ve earned throughout the past 12 months.

Our clients played a crucial role in helping us win the award. We can’t express enough how grateful we are to receive this phenomenal recognition.

On behalf of the whole Capital Numbers team, thank you so much to our clients. We attribute this success to your wonderful support and trust.

Work with India’s highest-rated development and B2B partner! Team up with Capital Numbers and let’s get down to business.


Recent Awards & Certifications

  • World HRD Congress
  • G2
  • Dun and Bradstreet
  • ISO 9001 & 27001
  • SOC2