Capital Numbers – The Story So Far…

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Offering Web and Mobile Solutions to Start-ups, SMEs and Agencies though remote staffing system

Early Days

We began our journey in 2012, in a much modest way by offering professional WordPress Customization services at very competitive price. Our excellent quality work fetched us clients like The Harvard University and Veteran’s aid.

But, like every other bootstrapped companies, we too we challenged to attract experienced employees. Training fresh out of college engineers would have slowed down things at a time when our main focus was on scaling up fast. Hence we thought of hiring freelancers.

When It All Went Wrong

We put up jobs on popular freelancing websites. In no time, our inboxes were flooding with irrelevant profiles and generic responses. We managed to short list a small team of freelancers to get the work started. But as they belonged to different geographies, it became more and more difficult to manage them. They worked on different time zones that lead to a major communication gap.

Few of them even disappeared leaving the work half-way. The worst happened when one completely ignored the legal contracts and posted a client’s site on his portfolio. All these had already eaten a lot of our productive time, hence, hiring a new freelancer did not seem a probable solution.

Understanding the Need and Finding a Solution

This is when we came up with a solution to benefit thousands of start-ups and agencies facing similar problems like us. Persistent pressure to innovate and the pronounced shift to knowledge based work, led us to start our most unique service, “Managed Outsourcing”. Now instead of hiring freelancers, companies could hire supervised remote workers from us who will be full time employees of Capital Numbers, working dedicatedly for client’s projects on contractual basis.

Now most companies focus on project work over predictable job roles. This is rapidly replacing the hiring models of jobs by projects. Our solution brought to these small companies, an easy way of extending their team as per their requirement through choosing the best person to perform the task. At the same time, they also enjoy the benefits and flexibility of freelancing websites – range of experienced designers, developers and online marketing staff to choose from; options to increase, decrease or change resources at any time; hire resources at full-time, part-time, long term or short term basis; and communicate with them through skype, chat, email, video conferencing or phone at any point of time.

New talent from Capital Numbers also added new thinking to their respective client’s team.

Doubling Simply

Currently there ate 200+ highly skilled and experienced employees working in Capital Numbers, available during their client’s time zone. The work starts only after signing proper legal contract which allows our clients to keep the intellectual property rights of projects with themselves.

The 2 year old company has been experiencing a sharp growth since inception. We are currently ISO certified, D & B registered and a certified partner of Google Adwords. We have 200+ professionals serving some prominent clients like Harvard University, Thomson Rueters, Condé Nast, Matches Fashion, Doosan, My Pay Network and Ordina, and earns a revenue of $2 million.

At a time when most businesses are cutting down on resources, we are on a hiring spree, and this surely tells that Capital Numbers is growing.


Recent Awards & Certifications

  • World HRD Congress
  • G2
  • Dun and Bradstreet
  • ISO 9001 & 27001