Capital Numbers Provides Blankets to Charitable Organizations

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Many of our readers will be very familiar with the fact that this winter in Kolkata has been brutally cold. As temperatures have dipped to a five-year record low, you can probably look out your window and see people bundled up in scarves and caps against the chill.

While temperatures this cold can certainly be a novelty, it comes with some bad news. This weather is probably going to continue. In fact, officials said this week that the cold snap will probably continue – and there’s a chance that temperatures might actually reach below 10 degrees.

While the cold snap might only be an inconvenience to some, it can be deadly to others. Those of us without homes or support systems to shelter them against the cold are more at risk. Homeless, the elderly, and young underprivileged children are especially at greater chance of exposure, especially if they don’t get aid in time.

Kolkata certainly has its share of hard-working organizations that provide shelter and protection to those who need it, but these organizations are often understaffed and underfunded. They rely on donations from others to keep functioning.

Last year, Capital Numbers sponsored a small orphanage, the Hiralal Mallik Smriti Foundation, to help them continue to provide facilities and education to children. We want to continue to make a tradition of helping to provide aid to others.

That’s why we recently bought and donated warm blankets to the Foundation, which will provide them to children who need them.

The Hiralal Mallik Smriti Foundation does vital work, but they run into the same issues facing many such organizations: lack of funds, materials, and facilities. We were proud to contribute so that the children they reach out to can get through the cold weather and continue to pursue their education.

We also donated blankets to Cheshire Homes India, an organization that helps to house and care for people with disabilities. Cheshire Homes focuses on providing aid to the terminally sick and the elderly, many of whom might otherwise be homeless during these record-setting cold temperatures.

Much like the Hiralal Mallik Smriti Foundation, Cheshire Homes helps to provide education, training, and community activities. This organization also helps to provide important medical care, including physiotherapy and surgery, to those in need.

The actions of organizations like Hiralal Mallik Smriti Foundation and Cheshire Homes India are indispensable in providing the disabled and underprivileged with a brighter future. However, we think that they shouldn’t have to bear that responsibility alone.

As a corporation, we feel that it’s our duty to do what we can to provide these organizations with materials that help make a difference. Not only that, but we are also more than happy to do so. Small contributions, over time, add up to large results.

We hope that in the future, homelessness, hunger, and poverty will be relegated to the past. But until that day comes, we are proud to do our part for the underprivileged and needy.


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