Capital Numbers Included in Dun & Bradstreet’s “Leading SMEs of India 2017”

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“The main objective of this initiative is to create a platform to recognise the spirit of entrepreneurship and to felicitate SMEs and Mid-Corporates that have demonstrated exemplary performance in their respective fields. The success stories of such SMEs need to be shared to encourage other enterprises to perform better.”

–  Manish Sinha, Managing Director – India Dun & Bradstreet

We’re excited to be featured in the Dun & Bradstreet premier publication “Leading SMEs of India 2017” in association with RBL Bank. This initiative recognizes SMEs that, by outstanding performance in their field, help to stimulate and grow their local economy and serve as inspiration for others.

Competition for a spot is fierce among the thousands of SMEs across India. It’s one thing to demonstrate business success, but quite another to demonstrate how our business has helped the economy.

Recognition in “Leading SMEs of India 2017” is for those who have generated employment, increased output growth, inspired entrepreneurship and fostered innovation. By doing the above, SMEs contribute balanced economic growth to the Indian economy, which helps to alleviate regional imbalances and lift the economy nationwide.

What do we mean by this? In smaller countries, the national economy affects most regions evenly across the board. However, larger countries like China, America, and India don’t have the luxury of automatic equitability. The rural areas often economically lag behind the central urban areas where most business is conducted.

Into this economic vision step SMEs — fast, robust, contributors to the economy.

The Future of Small Business and the Economy

“One of the most important contributions of SMEs to the Indian economy is the promotion of balanced economic growth. As they are high in quantum and are spread across the country, they help in reducing regional imbalances and fostering equitable growth across the country.”

– Official Dun & Bradstreet website

Dun & Bradstreet recognizes that the SME sector is important for its contributions toward wealth creation, exports, and employment generation. Because of the agile and prolific nature of SMEs, it’s widely acknowledged that the sector has a large role to play in helping to develop the economic growth of rural and underdeveloped areas in the nation.

As is the case with many SMEs, Capital Numbers works primarily to keep its workers and their families employed and happy. While we often do that by dealing with companies in other countries such as South Korea, America, and Australia, we can’t turn a blind eye to the responsibility we have to our home country.

Strong nationwide economic growth benefits all areas of the nation — from the skyscrapers in New Delhi to the farms of West Bengal. That’s why we’re proud to be named among this list of top SMEs, especially in the face of certain difficult economic times. And we believe that the best is yet to come.

As technology advances, the role of SMEs will advance with it. It’s been said that “The future is fast,” and we agree. Technology lends a certain agility to SMEs. Increasingly, we can react to and fulfill market demands across the globe, bringing more money into the Indian economy as we expand. This money goes on to support other local businesses, which then prosper and grow.

Now imagine thousands of other SMEs across the country, doing the same thing, funneling money into their locality to support not only their workers but also their local economy. Wealth increases. The price of commodities drops. Prosperity grows.

If we continue our hard work, strategic vision, and forward thinking, time will allow us to enjoy more of this good fortune for years to come.

We’re proud to able to provide a living for our workers and our leadership, but also to give back to our area. This award reaffirms our commitment toward continuing to grow as a company that works for the betterment of everyone, not only ourselves.


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