How to Hire and Work With an Agile Remote Development Team

It’s no secret that we love agile frameworks and methods at Capital Numbers. That’s because agile presents such a convenient and efficient way to approach software development — not only for the developers, but for our clients. As software development grows more advanced and more complicated, small teams with a lot of moving parts must …

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The Definitive Guide to Staff Augmentation

Business interconnectivity and dynamic online environments mean that business owners have to adapt to many different goals, objectives, and technologies. This goes double if you’re in a highly technical field such as SaaS. However, the complex modern business landscape also has its advantages. For example, staff augmentation is easier than ever before. And, we highly …

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4 Steps to a Successful MVP

So you’ve got an idea for an app that could be on the same level as Uber, Airbnb, or DoorDash. You’re convinced it can actually solve a major problem…and maybe even form the foundation of a billion-dollar business. But not so fast. You still need proof of concept, and you need feedback from your market, …

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How to Scale in a Healthy Way

What’s the number one indicator of a healthy business? Whether its a startup, an SMB, a consultancy, or a small one-person solopreneuer, the #1 indicator of a healthy business is its ability to scale. Now, you might not pursue growth at all costs, and in fact, business growth shouldn’t be your only concern. However, if …

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4 Ways to Save on App Development

If you’re like lots of startups and entrepreneurs, you have a great app idea. And yours has the potential to actually make a difference and be really useful and popular. So, obviously, you’re excited to develop and launch it out into the world. But not so fast. You’ve heard stories about how much app development …

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How to Build a Membership Site on WordPress

Membership sites are quickly becoming so important to coaches, consultants, and any other course creators, and for good reason. That’s because membership sites offer a scalable way to give your clients the best of the best content while keeping it secure and password-restricted so that non-members can’t access it. They allow you to offer 100 …

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Work Anniversaries, Performance perks and More!

Here in Capital Numbers, we are a happy family working together since June 2012. All our hard work has helped us to reach where we are today. Today we have more than three hundred people working together under the same roof. Thus, this month we are here to celebrate a very happy work anniversary with all our co-workers. Every member of our team is important and with their respective work they have all helped Capital Numbers to make its mark.

We would like to showcase some of our core team members who all have just crossed their work anniversaries and the others who have received client testimonials for their performance.

To make it more special? We gave away Inox vouchers to celebrate their milestones. You can see them smiling and posing for pictures above right?

Thank you guys for giving your best and we look forward to many more years together. May you continue to inspire us for many years to come! And may you always remember how much you are needed, respected and valued!

What is 5G?

It’s no secret that technology is ever-changing. From devices to software, it seems like something new hits the market on a daily basis. One of the latest advancements that’s been getting a lot of buzz is poised to impact the way the world communicates. What is it? 5G technology. You’re probably already pretty familiar with …

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