Capital Numbers at LEAP 2024

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We had a great time at LEAP, Riyadh, marking our first participation in this prestigious event. LEAP, one of the largest technological exhibitions worldwide, attracts businesses from all corners that want to explore the latest innovations and build meaningful partnerships. It provides a unique platform for industry leaders to come together, share insights, and showcase their cutting-edge solutions to a global audience.

Our Showcase at LEAP

Capital Numbers Participated in LEAP 2024

At the event, we showcased a diverse range of technology solutions, including AI, Web & Mobile App Development, E-commerce, Cloud, UI/UX Designs, and QA. Our participation in LEAP was driven by a clear mission: to connect with industry leaders, explore emerging trends, and build global partnerships.

Insights from Our CEO

During the event, our CEO, Mukul Gupta, shared his enthusiasm, saying, “Participating in LEAP has truly been an enlightening experience for us. It’s not just about showcasing our innovations but also about the invaluable connections we’ve made and the insights we’ve gained from industry leaders. LEAP has allowed us to explore the latest trends, exchange ideas, and reinforce our commitment to driving technological advancements. We’re thrilled to have been part of such a dynamic gathering, and we look forward to using this momentum to further boost our company’s growth and impact in the industry.”

Capital Numbers Team at LEAP Riyadh

Major Investments and Initiatives

  • Amazon Web Services invested $5.3 billion in establishing a high-capacity cloud zone.
  • IBM disclosed a $250 million investment in a software development center.
  • ServiceNow announced a $500 million investment for its inaugural data hub in the region.
  • The National Development Fund and Social Development Bank jointly initiated SAR450 million in investment funds.
  • The National Information Technology Development Program (NTDP) rolled out five initiatives to support digital entrepreneurship.
  • Oasis launched its second fund, totaling $100 million, to support early-stage growth of company founders in the Middle East.

Our Achievements

CNites at LEAP 2024

At LEAP 2024, we explored groundbreaking innovations showcased by over 1,800 leading tech companies. The event provided a unique opportunity to discover how emerging technologies such as AI, blockchain, and robotics reshape businesses. Also, we gained insights into the rapid technological advancements in Saudi Arabia, unlocking the lucrative potential of the market.

Final Thoughts

As we reflect on our achievements at LEAP 2024, we are inspired to continue our journey of innovation and collaboration. It will ultimately help us achieve our mission of making a lasting impact in the world of technology. Our experience at LEAP reaffirmed the importance of industry events in promoting collaboration, driving innovation, and staying ahead in the changing tech landscape. We look forward to the opportunities ahead and are committed to delivering exceptional services to our clients and exceeding their expectations.

Stay tuned and follow us for more such updates as we continue to innovate, collaborate, and drive positive change in the world of technology.


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