5 Reasons to Choose a Trusted Digital Agency Over a Freelancer

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Without a shadow of a doubt, the digital age moves at lightning speed.

In this day and age, a strong online brand presence is the key to success.

And no, we don’t mean merely pushing pretty pictures on Facebook.

There’s more that needs to be done for strengthening your brand’s reputation online.

  • So, how do you create a brand voice that resonates with your customers?
  • Who do you get your company’s website developed from?
  • And how do you make sure that your business appears on Page 1 of the search results?

That’s where the long-running debate starts…

Should you hire a digital agency or a freelancer to strengthen your brand’s online presence?

Now freelancers can be easy to hire.

  • But will a freelancer be able to produce the quality your niche projects require?
  • When it comes to scaling your projects, will you be locking yourself to a freelancer’s quick fixes only?
  • And most importantly, will a freelancer be able to create a voice that your brand needs?

Basically, you need a direction and strategy. And freelancers might not be crucial to your bottom line. The wrong ones can drain your budget in no time and negatively impact your brand.

So, what do you do to create a robust digital presence for your brand?

Hiring a digital marketing agency over a freelancer can get you the best results

Here are five reasons to help you understand why:

Services Digital Agencies Freelancers
Technical Expertise Digital agencies hire domain experts who are technically proficient. They understand the art and science of brand promotion. Right from increasing your website views, clicks, and engagement to crafting robust online marketing campaigns, they’re skilled in all. This positively impacts your business. Freelancers, on the other hand, might not have the technical proficiency or the sharpness which your corporate projects demand. As opposed to digital agencies, freelancers might not be specialized to handle cutting-edge tools and technologies. This can lead to negative business results.
Support and Maintenance Once you hire a digital agency, you can get 24*7 support services for social media and SEO campaigns, email marketing solutions, app development projects, and other ad-hoc assignments. Skilled software developers at digital agencies can even take periodic backups, offer server updates, maintain app security protocols, and offer project consultations to help you stay ahead of trends. Freelancers often get so high on freedom that they forget the obligations they have towards your project. You might not get 24*7 support services from freelancers. Unavailability of optimum support and maintenance which your projects require may cost you immensely.
Time Management Software developers, SEO professionals, social media marketers, and web designers in digital agencies come with hands-on expertise to execute bulk projects within stipulated timelines. Moreover, team-based activities help them fast-track the work process. And on-time project delivery is the key to business growth. Freelancers, on the other hand, work individually and often hold little accountability and commitment, unlike experts in a digital agency. They look for greener pastures, juggle multiple tasks at a time and tend to mismanage projects. The result? Shoddy quality work and untimely submission of assignments.
Analytical Reporting There’s no denying that agencies can afford various paid analytical tools and it’s a boon for your business. Agencies determine the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with these tools to track your business progress. You can receive monthly or quarterly campaign reports, detailed insights on your keyword performance and website audits, whenever you need. Let’s face it – freelancers cannot afford to have access to various tools required to track business metrics. They fail to offer premium services such as keyword research, paid search management, competitor analysis, and automation, thereby, hampering your business growth.
Scalability Digital agencies work with a broad range of clients. As a result, they’re smart with their marketing campaigns. They’re aware of power-packed brand positioning strategies. They’re also quick to develop customer-centric approaches. As a result, they can scale up your business as per the recent trends. Freelancers usually do not have the necessary industry exposure required to execute result-based tasks. Lack of extensive experience might not help them add fresh perspectives needed to strengthen your brand’s voice.

So, find the right agency that will meet your online marketing needs.

Leverage the power of digital, since that’s where your leads are. For example:

  • The global digital population is over 4 billion, and there are 3.7 billion mobile Internet users and 3 billion social media users, as per Statista.
  • Email marketing has an ROI of $40 for every dollar spent, as per Smart Insights. Also, A/B testing improves email marketing conversions by 49%, according to Campaign Monitor.
  • Blog post titles with 6-13 words get more traffic, as per HubSpot.
  • Google’s research indicates that comparison searches which include the word ‘best’ have increased by 80% in the last couple of years.

Clearly, building brand awareness online is crucial to generate more leads.

And to achieve that, you need to find the right digital agency who will:

  1. Understand your budget
  2. Offer full transparency
  3. Be equipped with extensive digital expertise
  4. And most importantly, get your projects rolling

All this while you focus on your core business activities.

So, contact a digital agency to figure out your brand awareness marketing mix and stay a notch above the others.


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