3 Ways to Create a Company Culture that Sustains the Best of Talent

Do you remember when you had last spotted the hashtag ‘#BestWorkEver’ in your feed?

What was that post about? Was it about someone enjoying meetings over good coffee? Or maybe it was a bunch of people excited about a new vending machine in the cafeteria? Or perhaps it is about that person who’s having a lot of fun while on a business trip.

What makes people want to come back to work every morning? What keeps them ticking?

It’s not about providing them with perks. Lounge chairs, gym, playrooms, free lunches, onsite laundry etc might keep people entertained, but only temporarily. People ultimately get bored of them.

What attracts candidates and sustains employee loyalty is the energy and atmosphere of a company. The experiences shared during work are what sustain a healthy work culture.

So how do you start building a great culture at your organization?

In his book Work Rules, Lazlo Bock (Google’s Head of People Operations) laid a blueprint for attracting the most spectacular talent to your business. He was of the belief that a vibrant work culture consists of the three blocks:


What is your organizations mission? It’s not about profits in the next fiscal year or the next product plans. Business goals are achievable. What after that? What keeps people interested in continuing to work?

You need to provide them with a statement of purpose. Your mission can have no end. It should give your employee a sense of how the organization is making changes in the world, the broader picture of how they are truly making a difference.


Generally in organizations, the top management always takes strategic decisions about what to share with the employees. It comes from the fear that not all people can maintain a certain level of confidentiality.

But maybe if we could take a leap of faith and just trust them to have good judgement, it gives a lot of boost to the employees loyalty, and reduces redundancy or miss communication amongst teams.


Encouraging the employees to have their individual voice is of paramount importance. It is directly related to how transparent you are with your employees. Making them aware of exactly what they are dealing with, you gave them a sense of ownership in the company that makes them want to give it their best and make it better by helping in their own way.

Always remember, an employee works best when s/he is working with you and not for you. Working on these blocks is neither easy, nor same for every organization. But they obviously provide a base for us, telling us where to start.

We at Capital Numbers, provide clients with a remote staff that works exclusively on their business goals. So we believe that it’s extremely important to have a great work culture so that it reflects on the productivity and quality of work, and thus keep our clients happy.

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