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In 2016, the SEO industry, as well as the outsourcing industry, have made their way to success with the help of technological advancements. The year 2016 has been remarkable for new trends in the outsourcing industry. We are now three months into 2017, however, and during this period outsourcing has increased in popularity and to a whole new level altogether. In terms of outsourcing trends for 2017, experts predict that the year 2017 will experience greater innovation and development in cloud technology, in data security, and in social responsibility. Below are discussed a few possible trends that may influence outsourcing to a great extent this year.

  • Outsource providers will level up their quality:

According to a global outsourcing survey (conducted by Deloitte) in 2016, businesses who outsource their work to their outsourcing partners, expect innovative and error-free services from them. They outsource not only to complete their project within budget, but also to avail other value added services that are offered by their outsourcing partner.

So, in response to this, it can be expected that outsourcing providers will increase the quality of their services by including more and more value added services and bringing innovation into those services. According to this trend, before starting a new project, both employers and their outsourcing partners will get SLA or Service Level Agreements before initiating a new project.

  • Virtual employees will be increased:

With the help of advanced and latest technology, it has become easier for outsourcing providers as well as freelancers to work remotely. Since there is a number of project management and real-time monitoring software, it is easily predictable that 2017 will see a significant increase in virtual agents. The advanced technology will make the future of offshore outsourcing industry brighter than ever.

Since virtual employees and offshore outsourcing offers a number of benefits including productivity improvement, low workforce cost and accessibility for extended hours (especially if the outsourcing partner is from a different time-zone), most companies prefer outsourcing their project.

  • IT delivery system can be centralized:

Looking at the streamlining business process of 2016, it is easily predictable that more businesses will switch to just one dedicated IT vendor rather than opt for outsourcing to multiple IT vendors. The more centralized the IT system is, the more standard and innovative and productive it would be.

  • Use of cloud technology will be increased:

Cloud technology became popular in the year 2016. It is expected that this year will be an excellent year for Cloud technology, especially for the Hybrid Cloud. The Hybrid Cloud refers to an integrated Cloud service used by both private and public Clouds in order to access business functions easily. According to many industry experts, more than 50% of IT vendors will use Cloud technology by the year 2018.  The remaining percentage will possibly partner with industry Cloud platforms.

  • Impact outsourcing:

This year, it is expected that a new social responsibility model for business processes may gather more attention. The primary aim of the outsourcing providers would be providing quality outsourcing services in a cost effective way.

  • RPA or Robotic Process Automation:

This year, RPA may enhance the ease and efficiency of BPA in 2017. It is predicted that it will develop productivity to a great extent and reduce costs while maintaining its quality. For repetitive tasks, software robots can replace humans.

  • Development in automation:

With the help of the automation process, it is now possible to increase production with efficiency. Experts predict that there can be a great development in automation and scalability in the year 2017 with the help of reusable platforms that offer better technical support.

With the above predictions, the year 2017 is looking to be a promising year for the outsourcing industry. These trends, however, focus more on streamlining business processes and enhancing the use of centralized technology. Indian outsourcing providers will increase their functional capabilities significantly.

Additionally, outsourcing companies are making data security a priority in the year 2017. However, it is just a prediction based on the trends of 2016. Only time will tell if the prediction will come true or not.

For every entrepreneur, time is most precious and valuable asset. Every moment needs to be calculated and utilized in an optimum way to get the most out of it. Spending more time on developing the core business, is what an entrepreneur needs to do. Proper time management can either make or break a business.

But, for most early stage entrepreneurs, spending money becomes a least chosen option. They prefer to milk in as much money as they can for the product or services they developed. Choosing between spending money and doing it more by themselves, an entrepreneur will choose the latter. And they have justified reasons to do so.

Are you doing something that’s not your domain?

Let’s take for instance that you run a children’s hospital and want to develop its website. You are the best when it comes to marketing, but as you want to develop a website for the hospital, you hardly have any domain knowledge. Now that you have been running the hospital successfully for the past 12 years you also know what you need to do in terms of legalese, compliance and everything in between. But technologically you hardly know anything of web development.

So, rather than plunging into something that you don’t understand and end up making a critical mistake, it is ideal for to hire vendors for professional help and expert solution. This will not only help you to grow your core business, but at the same time be rest assured about the website development and online marketing.

In the end, you save money on hiring an internal team of web developers and same time on monitoring their daily progress.

Have you chosen the right vendor or going solo to achieve ROI?

You want your business to look great when people visit your website. Well, who doesn’t? But how do you do that? Even if you are a great writer, do you have the time to sit and write gripping content that will attract your customers and make them stay longer on your website? Moreover, you need to place the content on the right channels (read social media) in order to reach to a bigger number of audience. And to do this, you majorly need two things – knowledge on digital marketing and designing skills. It is thus ideal to have a digital partner who can provide to an end-to-end solution that directly generate queries and lead for your business.

Are you stuck with something that’s eating up most of your productive time?

This is the most important factor where most of us go wrong. We tend to handle everything in-house in order to save money and keep a control over everything – whether we know how to do it or now. Take for example, when you are looking forward to developing an online presence of your business and reach out to a global audience, it can simply get haywire if you do not have the required domain knowledge. Moreover, keeping an in-house technical team, when you business focuses on some other domain, can cost you more, instead of saving your bucks.

One can sight plenty of success stories where businesses have benefited from hiring a professional team to handle critical parts of the business. Simply outsource a part of your work and remain profitable and you grow.

Content marketing is an integral part of any business online. It helps to improve your brand visibility and thus generate leads for your business. But, if you are not following the best practices of content marketing, then you have every possibility to end up damaging your brand image.

Often you may not have the required knowledge to handle it on your own or have the budget to keep an inhouse digital marketing team. In such cases it is ideal to partner up with a professional company, who know their job the best.

But while outsourcing your content marketing work, it is important for you to know, what and how much you should outsource:

Content Curation and Promotion

Content curation and promotion requires a special skill. While outsourcing this part of the job, check out if your partner has the domain knowledge specific to your business. It will be easier for you to get across your requirement to them. Further, the team you are remotely hiring should also have contacts to attract relevant audiences.

The outsourcing service provider that you partner with should present a content marketing strategy that is suitable for your business and be able to generate queries.

Regular Content Generation for Your Business Blog

If you have a business, you must have a blog. The blog is a platform that will talk about your business and give your customers insights they are looking for. So, when you outsource content creation look for a partner who will be able to offer you an end to end process – research, crafting, optimizing and posting.

This will help you with a constant flow of fresh content to your blog.

Keyword Research

If you lack knowledge of competition level, cost-per-click, estimated search volume, content silos and keyword difficulty, then it is ideal for you to outsource the work to an expert service provider. The SEO team will provide you with a comprehensive plan with keywords relevant to your business.

The right steps taken by the remote SEO team will take your website to Google’s top search. It will further attract targeted organic traffic through various long-tail keywords.

Alternative Content

You not only need blogs and keyword optimization to rule the internet. In order to fetch new visitors to your site that finally converts, you need to consider a number of content pieces such as business case-studies, white papers, videos, infographics, how-to guides and regular social media posts.

The more channels you use, it is more likely to get more number of queries.

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