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Hire Web and Graphic Designer on a full-time, part-time or
hourly basis and manage them as your extended team.
With Capital Numbers, you can:

  • Work with some of the best creative talents in the industry
  • Build or grow your design team and eliminate design bottlenecks
  • Increase your profitability by over 50%.
  • Hire dedicated designers and manage them directly.
  • Work with creative designers from some of the best art schools.

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Grow and Elevate Your Brand with
Dedicated Designer

You’ve heard the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words?” Well, you can say a lot with stunning, interesting, and creative graphic design. And, it’s effective: as the first thing your customers or prospects will see, good graphic design will guide the eye toward your content. When you partner with our design team, you’ll get fresh and creative visuals not only to attract new customers but also to help elevate your brand’s message. We produce designs for print, social, mobile, and web, so when we’re done, you’ll have piles of gorgeous work across all your channels, making you a standout in your field.

Web Design

Want custom layouts for your website? We design them in informative, engaging ways. This includes web mockups, visualizations, and consultations before we get started on your site, so you’re part of the process.

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Social Ads

Need an ad campaign to look amazing? We’ll design it so it grabs attention and pulls the eye toward your message. Set yourself apart from your competition with modern and stylish visuals.

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Social Media Graphics

Our designers can help you create professionally designed layouts for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and more. We can help you with everything from photos and images, videos, stories, cover art, infographics, quotes, blog images, GIFs, lists, screenshots with arrows, charts, thumbnails, posters and logos.

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UX/UI Design

We will work with your team to develop beautiful design mockups highlighting your ideal goals, keeping in mind best practices and mobile-first implementation.

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Brand Identity Design

Classic. Timeless. Effective. Your corporate identity is the most basic reflection of your business. Therefore, make yours excellent. We offer a variety of looks, finishes, and papers, so you can have them anyway you like.

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Animated Videos

Boost your video marketing with custom-designed animated videos. We can help your create bespoke animated videos, explainer videos like Whiteboard Animation, Motion Graphics, Motion Graphics, and Character animation. Each video is unique and helps you establish your brand in the crowded marketplace.

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Landing Page Design

Marketing, Digital, and Product teams rely on Superside to create landing pages from scratch or based on existing materials. We deliver thoughtful UX wireframes and high-fidelity UI designs.

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Flyers and Brochures

Print is making a comeback. You may have all your information online, but don’t underestimate the power of a simple brochure. You can leave them in physical places, give them to customers, or distribute them to your sales team. We design all types of brochures in full color.

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Custom Graphic Design

Our creative designers can help you with just about any sort of design needs includes infographics, 2d characters, calendar, photo collage, posters, cards etc. We employ some of the best creative talent from the top design schools in India. With our services you and truly differentiate your brand without extravagant costs.

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Pricing Options


Hourly Designer

Starting from $15 /hour

Buy Blocks of Hours and Use them as you wish. Ideal for small tasks like a one-off landing page or banner design.

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Part-Time Designer

Starting from $950/month

Hire a Designer for 80 hrs a month i.e. 4 hrs a day X 20 days a month. Ideal for small businesses with low volume but regular design tasks

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Full-Time Designer

Starting from $1800/month

Hire a Dedicated Designer for 160 hrs a month i.e. 8 hrs a day X 20 days a month. Great if you have ongoing design requirements. Ideal for Agencies and Marketing teams

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Who is this for?


For Agencies

Your white-label design partner

Whether you’re a digital marketing agency, SEO company, or web design agency, we can help you add design services to your product lineup without adding more employees.

  • Save time and money on creative production
  • Scale-up and down as needed
  • Hit unrealistic client deadlines

For Small Businesses

Dedicated, Quick Turnaround, creative design team to help you execute campaigns faster.

Getting marketing assets on time is a huge problem for marketing teams. With Capital Numbers you get a consistent and reliable supply of graphics that are designed as per your campaigns requirements.

  • Eliminate creative bottlenecks
  • Get your creative to market 3x faster
  • Supplement your existing graphic design process

For Marketing Teams

Dedicated, Quick Turnaround, creative design team to help you execute campaigns faster.

Getting marketing assets on time is a huge problem for marketing teams. With Capital Numbers you get a consistent and reliable supply of graphics that are designed as per your campaigns requirements.

  • Eliminate creative bottlenecks
  • Get your creative to market 3x faster
  • Supplement your existing graphic design process

Why Hire Dedicated Designers?

  • The Promise of Quality Your graphic design is your prospects’ first introduction to your brand. If you have low-quality, badly-executed design, your prospects will pick up on that—and they won’t become your customers. But by having your design developed by our professionals, you’ll assure your customers that your brand takes matters of quality seriously.

  • Undivided Attention We have a 99% success rate with every client that hires us. Why? Because when you hire us, you get exactly what you pay for our time, experience, guidance, availability, and undivided attention, not to mention the exact amount of work that you signed up for.

  • Increased Efficiency Since you work with a designer, our staff is available to you on demand. Things can be done for you a very short notice as you do not need to wait to get a price quote or negotiate a contract. Thus, you can simply press ahead with what needs to be done rather than worrying about anything else.

  • Build Your Image Your visual design is the first thing customers notice, and it says a lot about you. What do you believe in? Is your brand known for cutting corners and cheap solutions? Of course not! If you’re professional, competent, and high-quality, then your design work should reflect that. Because in the eyes of your customers, how they see your brand and how they see your graphics are one and the same.

  • Be Unforgettable Once you’ve built your image, you’ve claimed your spot in your customer’s memory. By attempted exposures to your brand content and visuals, you can solidify your good standing in the mind of your customers. So they’ll be more inclined to choose you over any competitor. In this way, we’re helping you create “top of mind awareness” in the minds of your customers.

  • Create Trust If your customers identify with your visuals, you’ll create a bond with them. They’ll trust you over others. So when our designs connect with your customers, they’ll know it—and they’ll let you know it, too.

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Our Process

Our design process is similar to our technical processes. That’s because we take the same deep and creative approach in all of our services. With graphic design, we focus on what you want and how our graphics can best suit your brand needs.



We take a survey of your existing content to find out what’s working for you and what isn’t. We determine what you like, how it sets you apart from your competitors, research your market, and work with you to understand your larger goals. It’s only in the context of understanding the broader picture that we’re able to present visuals that will make your brand come to life.



Once we’ve discussed your needs, gathered enough information, and settled on a strategy, we start developing your designs, frameworks, and mockups. We present them to you for feedback and then refine them based on your preferences. This way, you’re in complete control.



This is the exciting part. After we’ve refined and developed your graphics, our teams will work with you to implement them. That means you’ll finally see your custom designs take shape on brochures, web pages, or advertisements.



If the scope of the project requires us to stick around (for example, if you’re running a long ad campaign), then we will. We’ll work with your team to help develop fresh strategies or increased brand messaging. We’ll revisit old steps as needed to keep you updated with fresh, engaging visuals.

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Not Just Design, We Also Offer Full Cycle Development Teams

People who excel at everything from planning and scheduling to progress tracking and workflow optimization.

Related tools and technologies:

Product Roadmap, Burndown Chart, Release Plan, Jira, TeamWork, Risk Register, Budget Tracker, Project Charter.

Our experienced business analysts will help you refine the project requirements and improve business processes through rigorous research and detailed documentation.

Related tools and technologies:

Storymap, Product Backlog, Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition.

Our Designers help you transform your product vision into user-friendly designs and create user journeys optimized for the best user experience and highest conversion rates.

Related tools and technologies:

Sketch, Figma, inVision, Zeplin, Adobe CC, Story Map, Principle, Piece of paper, Pencil

Our front-end developers create the part of your application that the users see and directly interact with. They make sure the experience is equally smooth and user-friendly to every person who uses the app.

Related tools and technologies:

JavaScript, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Vue, Angular, React Native, Ionic.

Our back-end developers plan and develop the whole application architecture, decide which services and databases should communicate together, how API and external integrations should work, and ensure the product is secure and stable.

Related tools and technologies:

PHP, Python, .NET, Node.js, Java, RoR, GoLang, Databases, SQL, Algorithms, Microservices, Architecture.

Reducing the time needed to integrate changes while improving the quality is a tremendous competitive edge in today’s world. We employ the best CI/CD practices to minimize the number of errors during integration and deployment to streamline your project.

Related tools and technologies:

AWS. Azure, Cloud Computing, Docker, Continuous Integration/Delivery, Kubernetes, Ansible, Terraform.

From meticulous manual testing to writing complex automated testing solutions, our bright QA engineers and scrupulous testing teams will ensure your software solution is free from any performance, stability, or functionality issues.

Related tools and technologies:

JavaScript, Selenium, Cucumber, Cypress, TestCraft, Katalon, WebDriver, Appium, Jasmine, Apptester

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