Data As A Service

Our “Data as a Service” solution delivers data
exactly from where you need it, the way you need it and when you need it.

Our clients include 150 Global Brands, Silicon Valley Founders

Custom Web Scraping Use Cases

Product, Pricing & Review Data

Scrape eCommerce websites to extract product prices, availability, reviews, prominence, brand reputation, and more.

Alternative Data for Finance

Inform investment decisions and unearth alpha with real-time market information.

News & Content Monitoring

Seamlessly aggregate and integrate news and article data into your workflows.

Competitive Market Research

Expedite decision making, empower marketing teams and fuel innovative R&D cycles with web scraped data.

Building a Data-Driven Product

Create a healthy data pipeline for your product or service.

Lead Generation

Generate smart leads and targeted lists to fuel your sales and marketing activity.

Social Media Data

Gather data from social media - Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Collect historical data or get alerts from these sites.

Travel, Hotel & Airline Data

Extract data from travel websites to analyze hotel reviews, pricing, room availability, and airline ticket prices accurately.

How We Work

  • You send us your requirements
  • Our team establishes feasibility
  • You make the payment
  • Data is delivered in your desire format.
  • We clean up the data
  • We set up the crawlers
  • This is the ideal solution when you’re looking to extract a specific set of data fields from one or more websites on a recurring basis
  • We can deliver data from unlimited sites with any number of data fields at any number of data feed frequency.
  • To make all this data ready-to-use right on your screens, we also convert this data into a structured format (XML, JSON, CSV).
  • We can also upload the data to your Database, Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, FTP, SFTP, Box, and Azure accounts.
  • This is a managed data extraction solution which means we take care of end-to-end maintenance to overcome structural changes in the website and all you have to do is feed the data to your business.

Why Choose Capital Numbers as your data as a service company

Custom Scraping Solutions

Every client is different and has unique needs. We customize our crawling script to modify precisely as per a client’s individual needs to provide the best data management solutions.

Complete Data Protection and Isolation

Every client project is deployed on its server so that there is no risk of any accidental data leakages.

IP Rotation

Scraping can be technically challenging, and our data platform uses premium proxy servers from all over the world to avoid detection and banning.

Deep Expertise

We pride ourselves on our extensive experience in providing data as a service. We have been regarded as top providers by Clutch and GoodFirms consistently since 2018.

Hassle-free service

You gather data without having to bother with running the infrastructure or worrying about technology changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

We take care of everything from IP rotation, running the infrastructure, and monitoring any website structure changes.

Setup fees include customization of our application to suit your business needs. It varies based on specific needs, and hence setup fee is quoted after thorough review.

The pricing depends on several factors, including the website’s complexity, frequency of scraping, the type, volume of data being scraped, and how it is being shared with you.

The data can be delivered in XML, JSON, or CSV format. The default mechanism for providing data is that we push the data to one of your file-sharing servers (FTP, SFTP, Amazon S3, Dropbox, Gdrive, Box, or MS Azure). Custom database integrations can also be done based on your needs.

We respect robots.txt and scrape a site only if bots are allowed in the robots.txt file. If crawling is disallowed in robots.txt, even though crawling might be feasible technically, it involves legal issues for our clients and us. Also, in cases where bots are allowed and give data to clients, it is up to clients to conform to the Terms of Service for the usage of that data.

Yes, but it may involve additional one-time setup fees.

To provide a proof of concept, we’ll have to set up the crawlers in their entirety, which is critical in the whole process. Hence, this will be a paid engagement. We provide 30-days paid PoC for a maximum of up to 2 sites/p>

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