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Technology Stack

  • Angular iconLaravel
  • Flask Dash iconAmazon RDS
  • Stripe icon Google API
  • AWS iconAWS
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The Client

This is a powerful case management tool that helps resolve day-to-day tickets quicker than ever. The all-in-one platform monitors employee requests, streamlines queries, and funnels an otherwise cumbersome ticket pile.

The Challenge

The Challenge

We always wanted a single, integrated mechanism for monitoring and reporting on IT issues. Our goal was to deliver an outstanding support service to our employees from a common intuitive interface so that no request falls through the cracks. So, we worked towards creating this tool to enable end-to-end ticket tracking and case management.

However, our biggest challenge was to make sure that the tool:

  • Handles large ticket volumes
  • Speeds up resolution times
  • Manages asset inventory
  • Tracks and streamlines deployments
  • Correctly assigns issues to the right support staff.

In other words, we wanted a platform that would offer complete control over all things IT.

The Solution

The Solution

We formed our team of experts to create this full-blown ticketing and case management platform to move IT support faster and reduce costs.

We combined our meticulous research with the latest tech to develop this tool so that all support workflows could be managed under a single digital roof.

The tech stack we used for this platform included the following:

We used Laravel for the backend because it offers simple authentication logic, verifies users' credibility, and prevents unauthenticated access. Laravel also provides a clean emailer API powered by the SwiftMailer library, which quickly sends mails about important notifications to end-users (e.g., web registration). Plus, this PHP framework comes with dynamic pre-installed libraries that help create robust apps. So, Laravel was an obvious choice.

We used the open-source WebApp template - AdminLTE, based on Bootstrap for creating the admin dashboard and control panel. It offers a range of reusable and responsive components that quickly make modular app structures and a beautiful UI.

We leveraged Amazon RDS because it helps setting up and scaling relational databases in the cloud. Besides, it cost-effectively manages backups, automatic failure detection, software patching, recovery, and migration.

To simplify the app login and registration, we used Google API. Since Google OAuth login API enables users to sign up with their existing Google accounts credentials, it’s the most convenient way to attract new users and maintain a healthy user retention ratio.

Finally, we chose AWS to host the case management app because AWS offers optimum app speed, agility, security, cost-efficiency, and massive scale economies, despite huge traffic loads.

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By combining the above stack with our extensive experience, we could develop a platform that consolidates all internal service requests and helps cut through the clutter.

As planned, Capital Numbers successfully implemented a case management tool that:

  • Logs, segregates, categorizes, and tracks large volumes of tickets/cases
  • Reduces resolution times
  • It offers a delightful support experience

Our key contributions were in the following areas:

Internal Ticket Resolution System

We created a stellar ticketing system that helps deal with all internal IT-related issues and manages the cases from the moment they're submitted in the portal through to their resolution.

Permission Controls

Our skilled developers added fine-grained and role-based permission controls (e.g., admin and super-admin) to limit who can view, modify, respond to, and close tickets within the app.

System Tickets

We ensured that every incoming support request gets converted into system tickets for faster and more accurate responses, creating an easier path to resolution.

Ticket Categorization

We categorized support queues as per their status (e.g., open tickets, WP tickets, closed tickets, etc.) to track ticket resolution progress with complete visibility, from start to finish.

Intuitive Automation

We added intuitive automation to automatically route new cases to the right support staff or department, thereby distributing the ticket load evenly and eliminating bottlenecks.


Our team incorporated an advanced auto-deployment tracking system to help the IT staff keep a count of all the software projects through to production and those that are yet to be rolled out.

Asset and Inventory Management

We ensured that the tool stores all hardware and software inventory details (e.g., laptops, desktops, servers, network, etc.) to eliminate manual entries in spreadsheets and facilitate stress-free compliance.

Intuitive Ticket View

Our engineers added an intuitive ticket view to give a snapshot and complete picture of all the actions within a ticket (e.g., IDs, descriptions, statuses, ongoing discussions, etc.).

Support Staff Utilization

The tool could automatically triage issues to available IT agents, it helped us with optimum support staff utilization, enhanced agent-productivity, and speedy resolutions.

Report Tracking

We offered in-depth reports on assets, hardware, workstations, licensures, etc., along with dropdowns into finer details, to provide a bird’s eye view of current IT operations and help make purchasing decisions (if any).

Advanced Searches

Our developers added advanced filters to narrow down searches, retrieve desired requests from enormous lists, and address the high priority cases.

Email Notifications

We added email alerts to trigger notifications about the ticket resolution status so that neither the support team nor the requester scrambles to figure out the latest ticket updates.

360° Case Management Platform

By incorporating the above features, we could efficiently launch this all-encompassing ticket and case management tool that takes the IT services’ complexity.

The platform beautifully displays the IT infrastructure and components (e.g., software, hardware, network, facilities, etc.) within a unified dashboard to give a 360° view of the IT ecosystem.

With this tool in place, request fulfillment is now quicker, smarter, and a lot more hassle-free.

We’re proud of our skilled engineers who did a brilliant job at rolling out a platform that keeps IT simple, centralized, and truly digital.

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