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Loan Comparison Platform Development

The Client

This is a free product comparison platform that compiles, lists, and displays only the high-quality products having the best features/specifications/characteristics for users to make informed choices.

The Challenge

The Challenge

Capital Numbers’ had to develop this next-gen digital storefront to help customers with world-class comparison shopping. From product compilation to flexible filters to quick searches to intuitive navigation, we focused on every aspect to crafting a smooth customer journey.

Moreover, we also had to implement UI/UX best practices and create a high-level system architecture with optimized code to ensure that the website is lightweight, high-performing, and fast-loading.

Besides, we aimed to supercharge user engagement by making the platform mobile-optimized and SEO-friendly.

The key challenge was to create a central hub that highlights only the top-quality products to help users quickly sieve only the best options without visiting multiple seller sites.

The Solution

The Solution

Capital Numbers delved deep into the Scope of Work (SOW) to analyze the constraints and understand the cutting-edge practices suited for this project.

Our design team crafted streamlined web pages in very little time. We created an uncluttered UI that adapts to all screen sizes and orientations to nail that ultimate user journey.

Capital Numbers also synergized its experience around the most relevant techs to come up with a well-thought-out toolkit that includes the following:

We used WordPress for the backend development because it is 100% customizable. It offers attractive design options, dynamic components, and the unparalleled intuitiveness that our platform required. Moreover, WordPress plugins help optimize sites for search engines.

We used the Bootstrap UI kit to ensure that the website is rich and mobile-friendly. It comes with responsive grids and JS plugins that make sites superfast. We also used jQuery because it creates fantastic page layouts, animations, and slug generators required for SEO-friendly websites.

We chose MySQL for storing vast datasets. Its reliability, robustness, and unique architecture make it a perfect database management option.

After carefully selecting the above stack, our seasoned engineers chose to carry out the development process using the Waterfall method. This helped us split the software development lifecycle (SDLC) into predefined stages and complete each one before moving on to the next. It enforced discipline, offered predictability, and reduced slippages from agreed timelines.

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The right techs, comprehensive solutions, and a phased development approach helped Capital Numbers successfully roll out a rock-solid product comparison website within a short time.

By dividing the SDLC into multiple phases, cascading down sequentially, we could ensure a speedy project delivery with no technical hiccups.

Capital Numbers’ UI team conducted end-to-end testing to ensure that:

Content Management

  • Admin controls and graphical objects are clearly labeled and accessible
  • All UI elements conform to mock-ups and visual prototypes
  • There is a consistency in style across all web pages
  • There is an appropriate use of colors in links and backgrounds
  • Readability and typographical hierarchy are appropriately maintained
  • UI components seamlessly adjust to multiple mobile screens

Capital Numbers also contributed in areas such as the following:

Updated Product Compilation

We included a powerful control panel that lets the admin bring together the most-reviewed or popular products from multiple platforms and list them in a single, easy-to-find place.

This would let the shoppers instantly know the top choices without skimming over multiple reviews from other sources.

Customizable Product Comparisons

We added customizable product comparison options with checkboxes that allow users to checkmark items they’re interested in and then compare their attributes for insightful decisions.

Meaningful Attributes

Our well-designed comparison tables let users view and compare the most critical and meaningful product attributes side-by-side for a thorough analysis.

Smooth Scannability

We ensured that the comparison tables display product attributes in perfectly-aligned columns to help users scan the differences/contrasts before placing orders quickly.

Quick Searches

We also prioritized an insightful search for quick product discoverability that eliminates the need to perform an extensive site exploration.

Flexible Filters

Our skilled developers included flexible filters for users to sift through a wide array and narrow down to just a handful of products that match their preferences.

Clear Product Categorizations

We added clear category pages with links to subcategories to improve findability and remove confusion.

Click-worthy Banners

Our clean and full-width banners are engaging, and they display the highest-rated products with clear calls-to-action (CTAs) that trigger clicks.

Multi-store Compatibility

Our engineers integrated multi-vendor plugins to help customers quickly compare prices among multiple sellers for a single product.

Multi-channel Selling

The multi-store compatibility also helped the store owner take advantage of multi-channel selling, expanded reach, increased purchase points, and improved revenues.


By working on in-depth Schema integration and optimized product descriptions, we ensured that the website is SEO-friendly and ranks well.

Adaptive Pages

We incorporated adaptive web pages to make the website mobile-optimized with layouts that adjust to multiple mobile environments.

Well-rounded Product Comparison Platform

With the above features and functionalities, Capital Numbers’ could create a well-rounded product/price comparison website that enables personalized comparison shopping on-the-fly.

Capital Numbers’ team worked in a few week’s sprints to create this website that offers smooth e-store navigation. Our modern, cutting-edge solution can now help shoppers compare and contrast the top-rated products before zeroing down to the best from the lot.

As intended, Capital Numbers successfully designed, developed, and deployed this platform on-time to redefine comparative shopping and simplify the buyer’s path to purchase.

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