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The Challenge

The Challenge

Lack of Scalability

The client is an outsourced product development (OPD) company based in the USA. The company helps businesses generate value by leveraging unique development and a global delivery model.

Our client was contacted by a U.S. corporation, which provides computer services to local governments across five states, to migrate old technology applications to a .Net cloud application. There were also some other additional services required, including work on the following:

  • The Document Management System
  • The Accounting System
  • The Customer Support System
  • The Business License System
  • The Sub Tracker Management System
  • The Job Application System

Because of the lack of an in-house team, the client hired Capital Numbers to help with these projects.

Quality Demand

Meeting the demand for quality was out biggest focus. We understood that these projects would be used by both government and private organisations all over America, so we challenged ourselves.

Resource Utilization

Finding and developers and other employees with the necessary talent is always a challenge, especially when very specific skill sets are required.

Software Familiarity

  • The developers were not familiar with many of the tools needed for the project. This included Twilio for robo calling functionality, predesigned Crystal Reports, and reading mails from any IMAP source such as Gmail and Outlook Office 365. Efficiently learning and using the software, and getting the best outcome, was a challenge.
  • We had to thoroughly understand the features of the old website by going through the old Classic ASP codes, then use that understanding to build the new website with new technology.
  • The technical talent hired by the client lacked the accounting domain perspective.
The Solution

The Solution

Our core team shortlisted candidates with niche expertise to offer tailored services to our client.

Selective Hiring

We put a unique staffing solution in place with measures at every point of recruitment. We had started interviewing developers based on the skill sets we needed, and upon selection we arrange a direct interview session to help the client to understand what their developers are capable of.


After hiring suitable developers, we held client meetings to complete the requirement gathering sessions through Skype, WebEx and GoToMeeting online conference. We maintain project requirements and bug tracking through Helix ALM (formerly TestTrack) where all the tasks are maintained in monthly sprints.


At the end of every sprint, we arrange client demos to verify and finalise the output. Usually we do the demo over GoToMeeting. Code structure and quality is maintained as per the client’s suggestion. As always, the team remains to support the software after it goes live and fix occasional bugs.

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Consistent Communication

  • We provided a perfect setup for the client and the end client to work comfortably with our designers. The project manager and most of the developers communicated regularly through Skype and GoToMeeting conference, phone calls and emails.
  • We maintain detailed monthly time sheet of each developer for each project. Also Helix ALM is updated soon we complete any item and send the same for acceptance testing.

Resource Allocation

  • We’re currently working on on five of this client’s projects with seven full-time dedicated developers. In general, we follow the FIFO method for allocating projects, while also keeping in mind the required skill set.
  • We maintain two separate code repositories for development and production codes in VSTS. All the code check-in process are detailed so every code check-in shows clearly what has been updated. The client also requires that we maintain code commenting in a specific manner to make it easier to check and understand.

One-Stop Services On Demand

  • For this project, we were able to provide one-stop solutions to the client for their .Net requirements. This is part of our overall model of offering full-time dedicated services at a very competitive cost.

Flexible Solutions With Zero Risk

  • Our solutions are all flexible, according to client needs and market situation. As usual, we signed an NDA to keep the data of every single project confidential and secure. We store all the project codes in VSTS, which is maintained by the client.

Training and Onboarding

  • Whenever we add new members to the team, we train them internally and successfully prepare them for projects within a few working days.
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