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The Challenge

The Challenge

The client had a vision of social media website where people could connect, network, meet up to participate in sports-related activities.

He wanted a site that would allow users to join like-minded groups, get news on what’s happening nearby, and even post their own content for people in their groups to see. So he hired us to make this a reality from him. This website is built using wordpress, but what makes it unique is that it took a lot of custom PHP work.

The Solution

The Solution

Ultimately, the website functions a lot like Facebook, but with an added emphasis on groups and specific sports.

Users can select between yoga, running, and cycling, and join subgroups related to each sport. Plus, there’s a stream that functions similar to the Facebook news feed, a chat function, and a blog where you can post articles or access articles written by people in your network.

When the client came to us with the project, they were looking for a site that would serve as a great social media platform for sports enthusiasts. We took their business objectives under consideration and created a site that looks no less than a highly interactive and top-notch social media wall.

We created a well-structured Home Page where users can select between cycling, running or yoga. Based on this selection, users are taken to the Group section (i.e., cycling or running) wherein they can join multiple groups and exchange information. To help users connect and interact with like-minded fellows, we’ve added a Chat section. We also included a News section to help users get updated news related to their desired sport. To enable users get timely alerts, we added a notification section at the top right corner of the screen. In a nutshell, we ensured that the Playfiks platform looks like an ideal social media wall with live streams, relevant posts, photos, and an updated news feed.

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Home Page

This is the first page a user will see. They’re presented with the option to choose cycling, running, or yoga. Once they do, they are taken to the groups sections for whichever sport they chose.


“Groups” are grouped together according to sports categories. Users can select from multiple groups in each category and join the ones that interest them. There are not only public groups, but also private groups. You have to request to be added to a private group before the admin will allow it.


In this people section, you can add your friends or acquaintances to your network by clicking “add to network” under their profile picture. If they accept, you will join their contact list and they will join yours.


Here, you can interact with people in your network. You can create chat groups and hold conversations with multiple people. There’s a scrolling list displayed on the left. Icons next to each member of the network will be green if they’re active.


The news section contains news and articles for each sports category. If you’re under the “running” tab, then you’ll see news about running; if you’re under the cycling tab, you’ll see news about cycling, and so on. You can share them through social media buttons like Twitter and Facebook.


The stream section is similar to a Facebook wall. You can see recent posts, including videos and photos, from your friends and their activities. You can share them with social media, reply to what they’ve posted, and share your own posts. Share posts by clicking on the “share your post” section of the stream page. You can write in the designated field, and of course there’s the option to add photos.


Notifications display at the top right of the screen. If any group wants to add you to their activities, they’ll send you an invite and you’ll be notified. You will also be notified if new groups are created near your location.


These are posts, posted by others. You can also create your own posts and add any media that you need to.

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