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The Client

This is a web app that allows users to schedule and run meetings with well-timed agendas. Meeting organizers can use this app to set project outcomes, take notes, assign tasks, make decisions, and achieve goals. Users can write down all meeting minutes within this app for future references without involving painful back and forth emails or calls.

The Challenge

The Challenge

Capital Numbers had to modernize this web app with advanced features so that participants could book meetings with less hassle. Our objective was to build a meeting scheduler that centralizes all meeting materials (e.g., agendas, decisions, tasks, etc.) - in a single environment.

However, the main challenge was to sync this meeting scheduler with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook Calendar. These cross-platform syncs were essential to:

  • Update all app events directly to the calendars
  • Keep all meetings in a single space
  • Prevent double bookings and no-shows

We also had to add real-time co-editing options. Our goal was to help users:

  • See each other’s edits instantly (just like Google Docs)
  • Collaborate better
  • Eliminate duplicate responses
    • All in all, we needed to create a meeting organizer that helps busy people prioritize their commitments and never miss a beat, despite their hectic schedules.

The Solution

The Solution

At Capital Numbers, we had already built enterprise-grade solutions that adhere to the highest quality standards.

So, when we took up this project, we quickly decided on the custom elements that can easily support enterprise workflows. We held several in-house meetings to analyze the business case thoroughly and chose the following techs to accomplish goals:

Firstly, we chose Nest.js for creating a compelling backend. Nest is perfect for building loosely coupled, modular apps. Backed by a powerful CLI, Nest simplifies writing and executing commands. Moreover, it is scalable and adaptable for changes down the road.

To keep the app lightweight, we used Angular. With Angular, we could develop a rich frontend. Also, Angular’s Material Design library was our top choice for creating beautiful layouts that users love.

We chose Nx Monorepo to reuse code for both frontend and backend. It helped our developers change source code from a single git repository - reducing compilation time.

Our engineers embedded Google Calendar and Microsoft Graph APIs to sync events between the web app and calendars.

We also integrated SendGrid to send emails to recipients for every new meeting update. Our engineers chose Codox.io to democratize real-time co-editing for all teams located worldwide.

Finally, we used Firebase to manage real-time databases and host the frontend. For hosting the backend system, we chose Google App Engine because it provides a massive infrastructure for high-quality web apps.

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With careful execution of the above, Capital Numbers developed a state-of-the-art meeting organizer within a few weeks. We coupled our engineering knowledge with the latest techs to create an enterprise-grade solution that simplifies scheduling.

The app takes the friction out of meeting management and saves unnecessary emails for good.

Capital Numbers’ significant contributions were in the following areas:

All-in-one Meeting Organizer

We created an all-inclusive app that puts together meeting data (e.g., agendas, tasks, etc.) in one place so that users know their commitments and never overbook themselves.

Easy Set-Up

Our comprehensive meeting organizer lets users quickly sign up, either via Google or Microsoft accounts, for instant access from anywhere, anytime.

Shared Notes, Tasks, and Decisions

With Quill, the WYSIWYG editor, we could create an interface where users can quickly write notes, tasks, decisions, and other action points discussed in a meeting.

Real-time Collaboration

With Codox.io, we could add co-editing capabilities where participants can work together on texts in real-time (just like in Google Docs) for better collaboration.

Pre-set Timers

Our successful installation of pre-set timers allows organizers to host timely, productive meetings from start to finish without running into overtime.

Optimized Agendas

The timers also allow users to time each agenda item so that nobody’s schedule gets disrupted due to an overestimated or underestimated meeting length.

Seamless Calendar Syncs

Our calendar syncs automatically update new events in the app directly to the calendars, saving manual entries.

Timely Meeting Reminders

With SendGrid, we could send automated reminders by email to ensure all meeting attendees join the call on time without any no-shows.

Summarized Meeting Minutes

Companies can use this web app to store all meeting summaries for future use.

Simplified 1:1s and Large-scale Meetings

Our comprehensive dashboard caters to the scheduling needs of large-scale meetings and 1:1s.

Daily Checklists

We’ve also integrated a to-do list for users to break down big tasks into small chunks and give less to hold in the head.

Better Meetings with Reduced Cancellations

Despite technical challenges, Capital Numbers could carefully implement the above and deliver an enterprise-level app on time. Our high-quality solution currently helps corporate executives host better meetings with reduced cancellations.

We’re proud of our developers for catering to every scheduling need with finesse. With flexible APIs, custom code, and vulnerability tests, we could revamp and roll out the web app as planned.

All Bookings in One Spot

No more calendar conflicts or missed appointments. With our web app in place, users can:

  • Get a snapshot of all commitments in one spot
  • Plan their days ahead
  • Skip back-and-forths
  • Get more done in less time
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