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The Client

This US-based client has rolled out an enterprise-level collaboration platform to empower globally-dispersed teams to work together effectively.

The Challenge

The Challenge

For developing this platform, the client had contacted Capital Numbers.

As a leading digital solutions company, Capital Numbers always aims to create meaningful differentiation for all its clients to drive their business forward. With this project, too, we wanted to offer best-in-class solutions that can help the client unlock meaningful outcomes.

For starters, we held a kickoff meeting with the client to understand the project scope.

The key idea behind launching this platform was to transform the way remote teams collaborate. However, the challenge was to create a centralized tool that:

  • Reinforces open communication
  • Makes workflows fully visible
  • Eliminates information silos
  • Aligns far-flung teams

In essence, we had to develop a web app that offers a 360° visibility into both strategy and software delivery.

The Solution

The Solution

We moved ahead with the project by leveraging our proactive R&D. We conducted in-depth research to develop a solution that streamlines cross-department collaboration and lowers the risks of tasks falling through the cracks.

Our engineers leveraged the following tech stack to develop this tool:

For the frontend, we used Angular because it has an MVC architecture that simplifies developing large-scale applications. Plus, it comes with all JavaScript functionalities that keep code clean and help pages load fast.

To make the web platform visually appealing, we used the Froala editor. Besides, we leveraged mxGraph because this JS library comes with all the essential functionalities to draw the application’s architectural flow.

For the backend, we used NestJS because it’s perfect for writing scalable server-side apps. Plus, it offers enormous flexibility to use other libraries that helps create an adaptive ecosystem.

To ensure data security, we used MySQL. We went ahead with this database solution because it provides round-the-clock uptime even with large datasets. We also used MongoDB because it helps manipulate data without disrupting operations.

We integrated Stripe to make in-app monetary transactions risk-free. Plus, Stripe is PCI-compliant, which helps protect sensitive customer data without storing card details.

Finally, we chose AWS to host this team collaboration platform. Apart from offering unmatched scalability for apps, AWS’s pay-as-you-go pricing model helps pay for only the services used, thereby reducing overspending.

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Capital Numbers successfully implemented the above tech stack to create a robust tool that serves as a hub for enterprise-level collaboration. The platform we created can provide companies a visual overview of multiple projects, tasks, metrics, and progress - all within a single space.

Our vetted engineers added custom features to ensure that the app offers end-to-end business agility and functions perfectly well, even if there’s a meteoric growth in the user base.

Our key contributions were in the following areas:

360° Visibility

We developed this platform to offer organizations a 360° visibility into their projects, tasks, progress, resources, etc., for a faster, more predictable software delivery.

Portfolio Management

Business leaders can easily manage their portfolios (i.e., teams, projects, solutions, priorities, gaps, etc.) within the app to see how it can all ladder up.

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

We designed this platform around SAFe or Scaled Agile Framework principles to promote lean-agile practices across enterprises.

Video Conferencing

Our experts added an HD video conferencing option with intuitive controls so that teams can engage in immersive video calls with anyone around the world instantly.

Real-time Chat

We also integrated a real-time chat option to help teams send images, files, messages, etc., and effectively collaborate even when voice or video isn’t required.


We included a calendar wherein teams could schedule meetings, add agendas and members, and track all upcoming tasks in a detailed, graphical format.

Kanban Boards

Our developers added Kanban Boards that include columns and swimlanes to offer better visibility into various workflow stages.

Agile Release Train (ART)

We added this construct to help agile teams easily understand the program-level cadence and incrementally develop software for its timely release.

Team Room

Our experts included a team room that displays each team’s stage-wise progress (e.g., backlogs, analysis, integrations, tests, etc.) to ensure quick turnarounds.

Flexible Pricing

We kept the pricing model dynamic to help our client gain subscribers and unlock new revenue streams.

Seamless Integrations

We designed the platform so that companies can integrate their favorite tools (e.g., Zoom, Google Drive) and centralize their workstreams.

All-in-one Team Collaboration Platform

By implementing the above approaches, we could deliver this high-quality software on-time. Our engineers did a brilliant job creating an all-in-one collaboration platform that keeps all team information handy within a single space.

The client appreciated our ability to create a platform that lets agile teams collaboratively sprint through any development process - right from ideation to execution.

Capital Numbers devised a winning solution that earned us our client’s confidence yet again.

Companies can now use this software to make themselves remote-ready in minutes.

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