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The Client

This web store displays AV tech products ranging from HDMI cables, amplifiers, adapters, processors, switchers, fiber optics, etc. Buyers can visit the store, view tech specs of products, select the ones they need, request quotes of the selected items from the store owner, and negotiate the final price. Although the final purchases happen externally, this store helps the owner collect quote requests from prospective buyers and initiate the negotiation process.


The Challenge

The web store initially had been built using Shopify. But, the problem was the code base had numerous issues. It was quite a task for the store owner to keep the platform up and running. Poorly written code led to inconsistencies across the site. Users faced difficulty navigating through disarrayed product pages that wouldn't load properly. Cascading problems such as these damaged the brand's reputation.

So, the store owner chose Capital Numbers as its trusted vendor to take care of the website. The primary requirement was to modernize the system environment without changing essential elements. To be precise, we had to:

  • Improve the codebase
  • Move data from the old system to a new location
  • Scale the backend
  • Keep the navigation smooth
  • Enhance the in-store search

The Solution

Before starting the development work, we scanned the existing store. It was a Shopify store with legacy-old themes, templates, and scripts. Moving all randomized data and site content from this poorly developed store into a new environment was essential. We needed to run custom scripts for this migration. It was also necessary to keep the layout minimal. We had to carry out everything methodically and roll out the solution within 5-6 business weeks.

Having developed web stores of various scales, we knew the core technologies that would be the best for this one. So, we started the production work using the following:

We built the entire web store using WordPress (WP). We chose WP because its plugins help developers add product databases of just about any size. We could personalize WP themes for better product viewing. Also, WP sites are SEO-focused and provide ample scope for adding product metadata.

We migrated the datasets from the old Shopify store to the new WP environment using custom scripts. Our well-executed logic helped us move bulk data without a glitch.

We took care of the in-store menus, images, PDFs, CTAs, navigation, etc., using HTML and CSS. Our engineers powered up the search boxes using autocomplete jQuery AJAX function.

MySQL was our obvious choice for storing the datasets. Its unmatched security and scalability were the key reasons we chose this DBMS.

Once we integrated the above and verified every feature of the new CMS platform, we deployed the online store on Cloudflare. Providing firewall protection, Cloudflare was perfect for this large-scale WP store that needed performance and speed.

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The above solutions gave this project a complete makeover. What initially was a badly-structured Shopify store is now a revamped WP website. Our Cloudflare-powered solution runs at high speed. The store owner now delivers a smoother eCommerce experience, which he couldn’t accomplish earlier with his outdated system.

Our solution currently has no inconsistencies, inaccuracies, or gaps in it. Here’s a brief of the project outcomes:

Central Repository of AV Tech Products

Our well-architected WP site is a repository of hundreds of AV tech products for industrial and domestic use.

Bulk Data Migrations

We wrote code to move massive datasets from Shopify to WordPress in seconds, saving hours of development time.

Custom WooCommerce Templates

We made the most of custom WooCommerce templates to design the product pages and sections.

Better Cross-sell/Upsell

Each product page also reflects related suggestions, leaving scopes for better cross-sells and upsells.

Carefully-placed CTAs

Our carefully-positioned CTAs like ‘Ask an Expert’ and ‘Request a Quote’ on each product page compels users to act and move towards the sales funnel.

Improved Search Box

Our well-optimized autocomplete search boxes save typos and lead users to find what they want right away.

Powerful Admin Panel

Our robust admin panel lets the admin take care of various aspects like products, support staff, sales guys, user queries, quotes, etc.

Multilingual Plugin

We integrated the multilingual plugin to help the store have an extensive reach across countries like Spain, France, Germany, and Italy, to name a few.

Professional-looking Interface

Our careful adjustments and fine tunes have made the entire web store professional-looking.

Waterfall Methodology

The Waterfall method allowed us to systematically follow a phase-wise development flow and progress towards the launch.

Website Redevelopment

We retooled the entire legacy system within two and half months and hosted it on the requested server. While some areas needed minor tweaks, others required in-depth code changes. But, overall, we successfully migrated the system environment while keeping the core components as-is.

Custom WordPress Store

Users who struggled to find products on the age-old Shopify store now seamlessly navigate across the custom WordPress store launched by Capital Numbers.

Infrastructure Modernization

The store owner, too, reaps the rewards of our high-quality infrastructure migration services and confidently adds new products to the web store that looks great after the digital overhaul.

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