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Loan Comparison Platform Development

The Client

This online comparison platform summarizes all information related to loans within a single hub. It compiles multiple interest rates, mortgage terms, and financial services from various lenders within one central place for users to make intelligent, affordable choices.

The Challenge

The Challenge

Our primary challenge was to create an immersive web platform that can help online borrowers actively participate in every step of their loan comparison journey. It had to be a one-stop solution for borrowers to choose the best lender without having to scout for information elsewhere on the Internet.

We also had to add rate calculators to help users:

  • Simplify loan planning
  • Assess EMI outgo within split seconds
  • Eliminate dependency on rough manual estimates

Besides, optimized code had to be implemented to allow seamless synchronization with affiliate websites and make the portal SEO-friendly.

The key idea was to develop a borrower-centric tool with innovative UX capabilities that make loan comparison quick and effortless.

The Solution

The Solution

Capital Numbers initiated this project by implementing the critical backend elements to ensure its flexibility and maintainability.

Our developers added conditional logic to create a calculator that helps users automatically calculate repayment costs and interests. We included superior quality code to minimize defects during build and integration cycles.

Moreover, our experienced designers included dynamic UI elements to offer unified visibility of the most affordable lending options.

Since this content-heavy platform required scalability due to a growing portfolio of third-party lenders, we considered the following tech stack:

We used WordPress because it is the best PHP framework to power complex, scalable, data-rich websites. Plus, it comes with hundreds of plugins for customizations. Also, it is secure, SEO-friendly, and highly extensible.

Our designers chose Bootstrap to add lightweight and responsive website structures. Bootstrap has an excellent grid system and is perfect for creating sleek, intuitive, mobile-first platform layouts.

To manage vast volumes of content and lender information, we used MySQL. This relational database management system (RDBMS) is easy to use and guarantees data integrity, thereby simplifying data storage and management.

We implemented the above stack systematically and deployed this loan comparison portal on the requested server - smoothly and on time.

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As intended, Capital Numbers could successfully create a responsive and robust platform that provides transparency to the loan selection process.

Our primary contributions were in the following areas:

Comparative Analysis

We created a powerful engine that enables prospective borrowers to view, analyze, and compare the best loans from multiple quotes.

Clear Categorizations

Our team classified vast amounts of lenders’ information under distinct categories such as car loans, home loans, mortgages, etc., for quick review and reduced ambiguity.


Our perfectly designed sliders help users adjust scales to explore loan amount and tenure options, thereby providing faster interactions than filling up numbers in input fields.

Customized Loan Calculation

We designed a custom loan calculator to display exact EMIs from various lenders at lightning-fast speed every time a borrower adjusts scales using sliders.

Accurate Refund Scenarios

Aside from the EMIs, the calculator also displays loan interest rates and accurate refund amounts to give users clarity and eliminate disillusionment.


To organize the FAQ content, we added expandable elements (i.e., accordions), which progressively disclose information upon clicking and do not overwhelm the users with the copy.

Time Pickers

Our engineers inserted time pickers for users to choose loan disbursal times based on urgencies and requirements.

Sorting and Filtering

We added sorting options to filter criteria based on parameters (e.g., lowest monthly cost, lowest interest rate, etc.) and display customized results instantly.

Lenders’ Ratings

We also included lenders’ ratings so that applicants can assess lenders’ credibility and then pick the most reputable one.

Multi-seller Module

Our developers integrated a multi-seller module to compare multiple loan intermediaries under a single category quickly.

SEO-friendly Platform

By working on in-depth Schema integration and optimized content, we ensured that the website is SEO-friendly and ranks well.

Exceptional UI/UX Services

The website boasts of an enhanced visual appeal, thanks to the impressive vector images, clean banners, and compelling calls-to-action (CTAs) that our team added.

Configurable Backend Components

Capital Numbers’ engineering team developed this solution with a modular ecosystem of configurable backend elements designed to scale.

Personalized and Handy Tool

Our multi-year eCommerce expertise helped us create this handy loan comparison tool with fit-for-purpose designs suited to users’ needs. Currently, this dynamic, well-integrated solution simplifies loan comparison for hundreds of online borrowers out there.

Capital Numbers is proud of its team’s relentless contributions in designing a portal that seamlessly connects borrowers and lenders within a single, unified space.

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