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The Client

This website helps users search any date to know about celebrity birthdays, numerology readings, moon phases, zodiacs, top books, songs, holidays, and more.

The Challenge

The Challenge

Capital Numbers had to design and develop this website from the ground up. Our first step was to create a flexible UI/UX for this website. So we brought together our experienced UX designers in the ideation phase.

Once we established design standards, our next step was to fetch massive data related to yearly holidays, zodiac signs, famous birthdays, etc., from different sources. Here, our biggest challenge was to scrape data from authentic databases or parent websites and integrate them at scale.

Also, we had to build a code script and run it periodically to ensure that the dynamic content from parent websites got directly reflected on our console without a miss.

In short, we had to develop a visually rich website that brings together holidays, birthdays, zodiac readings, astrological positions, etc. - all within a single space. We aimed to create a frontend with clear-cut workflows that users will love.

The Solution

The Solution

Capital Numbers kick-started this project by holding multiple meetings with the designers. We planned to keep the UX highly interactive and user-friendly. We also wanted to make all information centralized and quick to find.

We used the following tech stack to go ahead with the project:

We used Laravel because it automates command execution, thereby saving time. Also, Laravel is great with error handling. Plus, it prevents forgeries and protects websites from cyber attacks.

We used MySQL to keep the broad array of data safe and secure. MySQL was a go-to choice because it is well-recognized for flexibility and ease of use. Besides, it prevents data duplication, which is a huge plus.

To offer a rich user experience, we used AJAX. The library is known for dramatically increasing website speed. Also, it refreshes pages quickly, cuts down on network load, and makes sites easier to navigate.

This apart, we used jQuery to keep the code clean. With its simple syntax and open coding standards, jQuery helps deploy websites fast too.

We chose AWS for hosting the website. It not only offers auto-scaling but also provides massive storage without up-front costs. Therefore, it was an immediate choice.

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Capital Numbers could roll out a website that looks great and feels native across major platforms using the above stack.

Our contributions included the following:

Extensive Data Scraping

As planned, we were able to analyze and scrape large amounts of data using custom code. As a result, we didn’t have to copy-paste everything from the parent websites painstakingly. Instead, we used programming to do the heavy-lifting, thanks to our team of highly vetted engineers who accomplished this task without any snag.

Using custom code helped us filter through thousands of pages to look for specific elements that we had instructed it to scrape. The entire process was relatively simple and saved us a considerable amount of time.

We extracted data related to:

  • Celebrities birthdays
  • Holidays by country
  • Zodiac signs
  • Moon phases
  • Historical dates
  • Planetary positions
  • Top movies and songs


Of course, there were challenges involved, given the massive datasets, we had to access. But, our sound knowledge of algorithms helped us work with data efficiently.

Responsive Designs

Apart from providing excellent data scraping services, we also worked towards using flexible grids to keep the design responsive. This ensured optimal viewing across screen sizes, whether viewed on a 27-inch iMac or an Android phone.

Calendar Widget

We added a calendar to help users view past events, daily horoscopes, and even upcoming holidays to never miss a chance to celebrate.

Date Picker

We implemented a Date Picker that offers a great input experience and allows users to smoothly navigate their desired date.

Social Media Plugins

We embedded social media plugins so that users can interact with their community through social shares.

Birthday Cards

We also integrated birthday cards for users to preview and send to their loved ones on social media.

Gaming Options

Besides, we provided options for users to guess their favorite celeb’s age and share their gaming scores on social media.

Filtering and Sorting

We also pulled data to sort the most popular baby names worldwide and reflect the current naming trends.


Since we were developing a data-heavy website, we collapsed content within accordions to shorten long pages.

Excellent UI/UX

By incorporating the above, we could create a website with a smooth user flow. We kept the aesthetics clutter-free. Our coding solutions were on point.

Through successful data scraping services, Capital Numbers could nail the ultimate user journey that it had intended to.

Visually-rich Website

We are thankful to our experts who dedicatedly worked through every step of the website development process - right from design to the release.

The resulting product is a visually rich website with ample information about holidays, birthdays, zodiacs, etc., handy and only a click away.

It scores high on data accuracy, speed, and findability, which are vital to increased user satisfaction.

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