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Loan Comparison Platform Development

The Client

This is a website that focuses on after-sales and repair services of model rail products. People can use this website to register model rail products for warranty, fix product issues, raise return authorization requests, etc.

The Challenge

The Challenge

Our goal was to build this web platform in a way that helps the admin automate the struggle associated with manual data entry. From data accumulation to admin code optimization, we focused on every aspect to power up the backend.

Our biggest challenge was to ensure that the admin can:

  • Handle and monitor large amounts of customer requests seamlessly
  • Prioritize product return requests based on the severity of the problem
  • Get all service-related information within a centralized space

The key idea was to build a CRM platform that offers faster response times, optimized performance, increased reliability, and improved customer satisfaction.

The Solution

The Solution

We brought together our team of software developers to develop a comprehensive platform that can automate data collection and improve service efficiency.

Our developers use the following tech stack for developing this platform:

We used WordPress for the backend because it is the most popular open-source CMS that is scalable, secure, and easy to manage. Besides, WordPress is highly customizable, extremely versatile, and has plenty of excellent plugins that help optimize every element of a platform.

Our expert designers chose Bootstrap UI for the frontend because it helps build well-functioning website structures that are mobile-responsive. Also, Bootstrap is equipped with an effective grid system and is cross-browser compatible.

We also used jQuery because it is highly extensible, SEO-friendly, and provides essential utility functions necessary for highly engaging and interactive websites.

Our skilled developers chose MySQL to store and manage large amounts of data. MySQL offers unmatched scalability, reliability, and comprehensive transactional support that ensure optimum speed, full-text indexes, and unique memory caches for enhanced performance.

To perform a callback, we used AJAX. This cutting-edge technique allows clients to make asynchronous calls and improve the performance of the platform.

We chose Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host this platform because AWS provides better security, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, elasticity, and scalability.

Our experienced engineers used the Waterfall method to break down each project activity into linear sequential phases. This helped us track the progress of each stage and meet the timeline without trouble.

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Capital Numbers implemented the above tech stack to successfully develop and roll out the CRM platform within the defined time. This website simplifies service request management by bringing together multiple service requests within a single hub. It automates service request data entry and involves less human intervention. The result? Improved problem-solving with faster responses.

Capital Numbers’ key contributions include -

Service Options

Our team added various service options, including 'Warranty Registration,' 'Contact Technical Support,' 'Place Your Parts Order Requests,' etc., to ensure that customers can easily find their desired services.

Return Authorization (RA) Status

We added an RA status section wherein customers can enter their emails and RA numbers to check the status of their return authorization requests that they’ve raised for a defective product.

Attractive UX/UI

Our designers used simple, beautiful, and straightforward UX/UI to make navigation a breeze and ensure an optimal on-screen experience.

User Types

Our engineers added two types of registered users, including 'admin' and 'sub-admin.' ‘Admins’ can manage the CRM application while ‘sub-admins' can manage day-to-day activities related to the CRM.

Data Protection

Our developers leveraged advanced database queries to help registered users add/delete data without worrying about SQL injection attacks.

Enhanced Security

We performed both server-side and client-side validations to protect the system from cross-site scripting.

Data Filtration

We added an effective data filtration mechanism so that 'admins' and 'sub-admins' can accumulate data as per their needs.

Code Optimization

By optimizing the code at the architectural level, we ensured a cleaner and consistent code base, efficient refactoring, and improved workflow.

Asynchronous Programming

We integrated asynchronous data programming because this form of parallel programming allows a unit of tasks to run separately from the main application thread, thereby reducing server loads.

Email Tracking

Our developers also incorporated an email tracker to efficiently track whether emails have been opened and reviewed by the recipient, eliminating manual follow-ups.

A Powerful CRM Tool

By incorporating the above features, Capital Numbers built a highly functional and mobile-responsive CRM application as planned. Our developers did a commendable job by creating a powerful CRM tool that keeps all service-request information handy.

Capital Numbers' team of dedicated developers efficiently accomplished the task, despite challenges in code optimization.

We are genuinely proud of our talent pool, whose efforts resulted in a 150% increase in the client's ROI.

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