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How we built an app which helps users plan and Prepare their meals, learn about recipes, grocery lists and nutrition

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Technology Stack

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The Client

Saving Dinner, a website and blog that has been featured on several mainstream news networks including NBC, ABC, and USAToday. They are mainly focused on providing their visitors with information on dinner recipes and helping them in building their custom grocery lists.

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The client knows that many families bond in the act of meal-planning and grocery shopping. For those individuals, he wanted to provide a quality, expedited process, with menus ready-made and shopping lists tailored to the user.

However, for some families, meal-planning and shopping can seem overwhelming and confusing. For those people, he needed an accessible, informative platform which they could use to easily plan and execute special, homemade family meals.

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The Saving Dinner app assists families in planning weekly menus, preparing healthy, delicious meals, and shopping more efficiently.

Users can use the app to find favorite recipes and read up on the latest food news, as well as educate themselves regarding nutrition and meal-planning.

Our experienced team members came up with an informative and feature-rich app that would help the users plan their weekly meals, know more about their favorite dishes and stay updated about the latest culinary news. There are many families that bond over great meals and this app was specifically built for those families who look forward to arranging great meals and sharing a great vibe amongst each other.

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Menu Selection

Saving Dinner features a variety of appetizing weekly menus. Users can browse through them to facilitate selection of a diet that’s right for their family. By giving them this option, the app helps users quickly look and see which meals they want and how to cook them.

The Premium Menu Mailer

This is a feature that is unlocked with payment. Users can connect with and look up delicious, nutritious recipes, shopping lists, and nutritional information. This helps them with everything, from finding a meal they like, to selecting ingredients, to actually cooking it.

Daily Blog

  • This section links them to the website, which hosts the daily blog. The blog focuses mainly on healthy tips and cooking tricks, so users can continue to learn best cooking practices even if they don’t have the app.
  • Members can utilize these features to easily design and execute meals that not only will enhance their menu-planning experience, but will provide an opportunity for families to connect and grow closer.
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