Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) for iOS Food Delivery App

Technology Stack

  • Laravel iconAWS EC2 Mac
  • Bootstrap iconJenkins
  • MySQL Leaflet iconCI/CD pipeline
  • Stripe iconiOS
Loan Comparison Platform Development

The Client

This is a food delivery mobile application that helps users seamlessly order food from their favorite restaurants and track delivery on-the-go. The platform connects restaurants with the delivery staff to enable contactless delivery at customers’ doorsteps.

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This mobile app was platform-dependent, which restricted it from running in multiple operating environments. The developers had to make and ship various builds for various architectures and operating systems, which was highly cumbersome. Moreover, the app code was scattered, unstructured, and unorganized, which restricted the developers from building and deploying the app seamlessly.

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  • UI/UX iconUI/UX
  • Front-end iconFront-end Dev
  • Back-end iconBack-end Dev
  • SEO iconSEO

To overcome these challenges, we used AWS EC2 Mac Instances to build efficiently, package, and release the application. Also, we migrated Android builds from Linux-based Jenkins's integration tool to Mac-based Jenkins integration tool to make the app platform-independent. Moreover, we replaced SaaS service with CI/CD pipeline operations to reduce risks in each build, ensure standardization of processes, and facilitate greater agility.

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By incorporating CI/CD pipelines and DevOps best practices, we could successfully ship the mobile app in a safer and more structured environment. The DevOps facilities helped us break silos and speed up modifications throughout automated testing and integrations. Leaner and more agile software development cycles helped us:

  • Minimize fragility of builds
  • Identify bugs/issues quickly
  • Spend less time maintaining scripts
  • On-board new functionalities faster
  • Maximize software quality
  • Improve code coverage with minimum defaults
  • Iterate consistently
  • Automate tasks and cut down on manual intervention
  • Slash software development costs significantly

In essence, we could pave the way for a more streamlined and faster software delivery process at cost-efficient rates. By implementing solid DevOps strategies, we could get greater visibility into each build and testing results, which helped us release a high-quality app with reduced vulnerabilities.

In this era of quicker software releases, it was essential for us to implement a development cycle that improves the delivery pipeline. We could ensure a faster and more stable release with automated processes and zero misconfiguration risks with this project.

Moreover, effective CI/CD operations helped our cross-functional teams collaborate seamlessly and efficiently.

Our team of experts did a fantastic job at rolling out a highly-performant, secure, scalable, and platform-agnostic app that promises improved user experience and reduced cloud spend.

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