Why Do Car Dealers Need a Mobile App?

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CBT Automotive Network reports:

  • 51% of auto shoppers use mobile applications to search for payments, offers, prices, and inventory.
  • eBay sells more than 13,000 cars weekly through its mobile app. That averages out to more than 650,000 vehicles a year!

Well, investing in a car dealership mobile app can help you sell more cars and drive more traffic to your service center. Frankly, there is no better way to spread the news about your car dealership than through mobile apps.

If you have a car dealership app, your customers can easily browse the car models for sale, make new orders, chat with you for information, and send referrals through your app. You can even reward customers with loyalty programs, help them schedule test drives, and encourage repeat business through special offers.

In this blog, we’ve jotted down a few points that show why a mobile app is an all-in-one solution for car dealers looking to foster sales and deepen customer relationships.

Why Do Car Dealers Need a Mobile App?

  • Brand Image

    Firstly, a car dealership app with an eye-catching logo and user-focused design can help lure customers and improve brand image. Moreover, real-time push alerts, multimedia content, and a consistent brand voice automatically strengthen the brand position and attract car buyers.

  • Customer Knowledge

    Secondly, a car dealership app provides updated and ready-to-consume information (e.g., details about the dealer, inventory, services, pricing, discounts, payment methods, etc.) to the customers. This allows them to settle on a specific car model confidently.

  • Follow-ups

    An app lets car dealers follow up with potential leads quickly and proactively through calls or chats. Dealers can even share new information (i.e., price drops, incentives, new inventory, etc.) through the app to move the prospects farther down the pipeline.

  • Data Analytics

    A dealership app, powered with data analytics tools, can reveal powerful insights (e.g., inventory management, usage tracking, app installs, daily users, service requests, etc.). This helps dealers analyze the market, improve merchandising, plan their budget, and grow their business ROI.

  • Flexible Payment Options

    Flexible payment options, in an app, help car buyers make new orders, either from the comfort of their homes or while they’re on the go. This leads to improved customer satisfaction and reduced waiting times.

  • Custom-made Campaigns

    Personalized in-app campaigns help dealers target niche customer groups. For example, a car dealer can push tailored messages related to a specific car model and its exclusive features to attract specific car buyers and lead them down the sales funnel.

  • Geofencing

    By creating location-based geofences around nearby car service centers or competitors, car dealers can snap up future leads with attractive deals. This helps dealers improve their competitiveness in the market.

  • Account Management in Digital Format

    Keeping track of multiple accounts, invoices, billing, transactions, etc., manually is a cumbersome process. This is where a car dealership app proves to be beneficial since it helps dealers store all information in a digital format, ensuring the highest data security.

  • Customer Loyalty

    An app allows dealers to offer loyalty reward programs and execute customized digital campaigns to re-engage the existing customers for their next vehicle purchase.

  • All in all, going digital can help today’s car dealers network into an advanced, profitable, and digital sales channel that includes the opportunities of the online world and the strengths of traditional dealerships.

    The Next-gen Car Dealership

    The next-generation car dealership businesses need not maintain huge showrooms in the middle of the city or on the high streets. They may have digital kiosks, equipped with mobile apps or AR/VR tools, at the shopping centers. The car buyers can walk in, explore the apps, check their preferred car models and interiors digitally, and book a test drive on the spot. Buyers may even make an order and process their payments within the app.

    This would help digitize the entire customer journey and put an end to redundant paperwork. It would also enable the dealers to cut down on their operational costs and boost cash flow.

    Leveraging the power of mobile apps can help auto dealers correct the skewed cost structure and increase profitability. It would also eliminate the risk of being wiped out in this highly competitive automobile market.

    How Can Capital Numbers Help?

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