Top 7 Reasons to Choose Python for Your Next Web Development Project

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As per Stack Overflow, around 80,000 developers have shown their interest in using Python in 2021. Python is also among the top three programming languages this year.

Experts feel that Python will continue to reign the charts in 2022 as well. It is by far one of the most loved frameworks that developers swear by.

Several reasons make Python a go-to framework for all. Firstly, it’s easy-to-use and highly customizable. Secondly, it’s flexible. It runs exceptionally well on Mac, Linux, and Windows. It’s great for developing small apps and rapid prototypes. Plus, it scales well for large projects. And the best of all – it’s free.

If you are looking to build scalable, well-integrated systems with a simple language, unlock the power of Python. In this blog, we’ve rounded up some of the critical reasons why Python can be an excellent choice for your next web development project.

Top 7 Reasons to Choose Python for Your Web Development Project

  1. Readable CodePython is easy to pick up and learn. It requires less coding compared to other programming languages. Its simple syntax takes less space and less rework. Its readable code helps developers debug, maintain, and extend Python apps without trouble.
  2. Smooth Cross-compatibilityPython is platform-independent. It runs smoothly on Android, Windows 7, macOS, iOS, and Linux. The same code can run without recompilation on any platform that has a Python interpreter. This speeds up development.
  3. Robust LibrariesPython comes with robust libraries such as NumPy for numerical calculations, Pandas for data analytics, etc. These libraries make Python apps versatile. Developers can make the most of these libraries to work on GUIs, emails, databases, web pages, machine learning, and more.
  4. Open-source ToolsThe best part about using Python is that it’s free. Developers can download Python from the official website to get immediate access to its powerful SDK. Using Python’s source code, components, and extensible APIs, developers can build powerful apps at reduced costs.
  5. Quick PrototypingPython also helps with rapid prototyping. Research shows that prototyping or building the ‘initial code’ with Python is 10x faster than any other language. Python developers can experiment on prototypes right at the start to reduce the risk of modifications later. This improves productivity.
  6. Easy API IntegrationThird-party integration in Python is easy. Embedding external APIs in Python improves the connectivity and scalability of apps. The Python SDK, containing cutting-edge modules and built-ins, further makes API integrations effortlessly simple.
  7. Excellent DocumentationThe Python developer community is vast. Engineers keep adding new concepts and libraries to this community, resulting in excellent documentation. Junior and senior coders can turn to this knowledge base to seek help on new tools, coding tutorials, code snippets, modules, and more.

All in all, Python is an elaborate framework that’s well-established and very reliable. Over the past several years, its use cases have also grown, as has its adoption. Given below are some of the use cases of Python:

6 Python Use Cases

Artificial Intelligence

Python is a stable language that can handle big sets of computations for AI apps.

Web Scraping

Developers use Python for web scraping services that require extracting data sets from multiple websites.

Web Apps

Python’s frameworks like Django and Flask are great for building secure and scalable web apps.

GUI Apps

Python isn’t merely a backend architecture. It is also widely used to create beautiful graphical UIs.

Data Science

Python libraries like Numpy and Pandas can be ideal for data visualizations and reporting.

Enterprise Apps

Primarily used for database handling, Python is an excellent choice for data-heavy ERP projects.

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