Top 6 Mobile App Development Trends to Dominate in 2022

With mobile apps transforming the way we work, shop, interact, and take care of our health today, users expect a robust mobile app experience now more than ever. It’s probably fair to say that the events post-COVID have further increased mobile app usage. Users have downloaded 27.6 billion apps from Google Play in the third quarter of 2021, and the Apple app store has accumulated revenue of US$ 21.5 billion in the same period. (Source: Statista)

Industry experts feel that these figures are likely to go up in the year ahead. In this scenario, businesses need to create app experiences driven by innovation. They need to be fully aware of the latest developments likely to dominate the mobile app industry in 2022. So, we’ve put together the top 6 mobile app development trends that every business must watch out for next year.

Top 6 Mobile App Development Trends to Dominate in 2022

  1. mCommerce – The total mobile commerce sales will reach US$3.5 trillion in the next few months (Source: eMarketer). Indeed, there has never been a better time to invest in mCommerce. There’s a lot to explore for mobile app developers regarding the UI/UX of these apps. There’s a lot to understand about the mobile customer journey that drives sales through these apps for marketers. All in all, there is a vast opportunity that lies in the mCommerce industry. And, businesses must make the most of it, especially when consumers live their lives on and through their mobile phones.
  2. Artificial Intelligence – In 2022, we’ll find Artificial Intelligence (AI) to continue to be one of the most transformative technologies around. The key areas where AI breakthroughs will occur in 2022 are autonomous vehicles, voice searches, language recognition, cybersecurity, and data analytics. AI will also be a linchpin of the metaverse – the concept recently the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg spoke about. As a result, the need for skilled AI engineers who can create AI-based tools and apps will continue to rise next year.
  3. Mobile Payments – Fueled by consumer comfort, mobile payments will continue to dominate the FinTech industry in 2022. Before the pandemic, mobile payments were convenience-focused. Today, they are safety-focused. Handing cash or cards is no longer a safer option. Therefore, mobile payments, allowing users to make contactless transactions, boomed. Eventually, mobile payments will increasingly focus on delivering access to reward programs like coupons, discounts, vouchers, etc.
  4. Telehealth – A McKinsey report indicates that the adoption of telehealth apps has gone up by 38x from the pre-COVID-19 baseline. The telehealth surge gained momentum as consumers sought safer ways to seek healthcare. During the peak of the pandemic, telehealth apps offered a bridge to care. Now they offer a chance to reinvent virtual care models to improve healthcare access and outcomes.
  5. Enterprise Mobility – Going forward, businesses will remain functional remotely. As a result, there will be an increasing demand for apps that knit globally distributed teams together. Organizations will embrace mobile enterprise apps to improve remote work collaboration. Apps that facilitate instant messages, group emails, and file-sharing will shape tomorrow’s business ecosystem.
  6. Mobile Learning – The year 2022 will also see a rise in mobile learning apps. Research and Markets predict that the online education market will reach US$350 Billion by 2025. Such has been the growth impacts of the pandemic on the online education industry. Top universities and even corporate houses are rolling out online courses on a variety of topics. And it’s no surprise that mobile will continue to be a preferred way to access such courses. What this means is the growth of mobile learning apps designed to drive more personalized learning.

In short, 2022 will see more businesses use the above techs to cater to their customers on the mobile app. Even varieties of other innovative mobile apps are launching nowadays, such as Link in Bio App, Fintech apps and more. However, the real challenge will be to onboard skilled developers who can deliver innovative mobile apps that users will love.

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