Ten Important Metrics To Look Out For Inside YouTube Analytics

Some marketers are obsessed with metrics. They tend to track too many of the metrics. However, we all are aware that some the metrics are way more revealing than the rest. In this article, we will guide you to navigate the YouTube analytics. We will also help you to know which are the metrics which actually matter. This will help you to float like a pro in the ocean of analytics. Thus, let us see which ten metrics to look out for inside your YouTube analytics.

Watching time
The total time taken by the views to watch your video is the watch time. This is very important metrics because YouTube promotes videos that are watched for a longer time by the viewers. In fact, these videos are also recommended by YouTube. This is done by YouTube because the more the watch time is, the more it engages the algorithm. In the report for watch time, you can see how much time has your video accumulated.

Average view percentage
The percentage for each video as being watched by the viewers is the percentage viewed. It is the ability of your video to attract viewers. If YouTube is sure that your video can draw the attention of the viewers, they will recommend your video to the viewers.

Duration of average view
The duration of the average view is the total time of the video divided by the number of videos that are played and replayed. This metric calculates the ability to engage the audience. In case your video cannot engage viewers, YouTube will bounce your video. This will negatively affect your video. However, if your video can engage viewers, YouTube will boost your video in the search box.

Retention of the Audience
This shows the percentage of audiences who watch your video and leave the video every time. YouTube promotes videos which have high audience retention. This also shows which part of the video is more engaging. This can also show results where the viewers get bored.

The number of times the audiences watch and re-watch your video effects your YouTube ranking. If your video is re-watched by the viewers many times, then you must be sure that the audiences are interested in your video. Re-watches help you to rank high in the search box.

Like, share and comment are the most important way to know about the engagement of the viewers regarding any video. These can clearly depict how many viewers are watching the video. If the video is liked and shared then you can get an idea about how your video is drawing the attention of the viewers. From the engagement, you can also know about the topics that are trending and which all are drawing the attention of the viewers.

Engagement of the playlist
You can arrange the playlist according to the videos which you prefer to watch more and which you want to watch less. YouTube helps you to organize the videos. You can view the number of audiences who view the video and the average time they spend to watch the video. If you find that these two are ranked low then you must immediately start to start the playlist with the videos which have a high retention rate.

Viewers who are unique
The number of viewers who watch your video determines the unique viewers. You can use this metric to engage the viewers to your channel. You can send the notification to your viewers so that they can view your videos more and more and you get more viewers for your channel.

Who all are watching your videos
You can know about the age, gender and location of the viewers who watch your video. On basis of this, you can decide which type of video is more trending among the viewers. You can also decide about your target audience. This metric helps you to boost your video in the YouTube. In case you are not satisfied with the result of the number of viewers for your video, you can work on your video and boost the rank of your channel.

When you are searching for any video, the keyword is an essential factor. You must upload your video wisely with the keyword which would help your viewers to search your video in an easier way. In fact, you must constantly update your videos with proper keywords to draw the attention of the viewers.

You must always look out for these ten metrics in order to boost your YouTube channel. The metrics are important for your YouTube analytics and will help you to draw the more subscribers in the long run.


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